getting back to that sacred space

Excitement is starting to build… We will be starting back with our FULL SCHEDULE ~ YES! Bikram Yoga EVERYDAY! Sometimes TWICE! Because Bikram practitioners deserve to be able to practice on whatever day of the week suits YOU!  We will post a date as soon as we know ourselves.  Ormer/Aston/BSC have been working so hard to get us back home ~ it just got so wet when it was exposed for so long the drying out operation is HUGE… but they are really going at it now we are nearly there ! ! !

Please folks! Don’t get disheartened if ‘your’ night seems fully booked in our opening weeks! IT WILL SETTLE AGAIN but we know many will be excited to view the studio back full glory, but if everyone wants to come same night it could be tricky because obviously there is a limit. Please don’t despair WE WILL BE THERE EVERY DAY! So you can come the next day! You don’t have to squeeze your Bikram Yoga in to one of 5 classes; you will have 9 classes to choose from. But we are conscious that in January so many came to support us for 4 weeks but by 28/1 the numbers dropped by half and never rose again; a few cited the ‘too busy’ classes (because of condensed schedule) and the nightmare parking as off putting; but most of that busy was the January effect (we never saw many of those faces after January).  We are nervous of a ‘New Studio’ effect; so please persevere with us, it will all settle as people find their new/old routines again; please bear with us in the settling period.   In all the years we have been open folks we have never ‘taken off’; the only closed days we have are Bank Holiday Mondays (because we learned hard way people didn’t come).  We take the week at the end of August; just before schools reopen, least disruptive to our practitioners.  Even when we had the big snow 4 years ago and I was stuck in London, Darren still made it in from St Mary and walked home through the snow. Once last year I late cancelled a scheduled Friday night class because we had had no bookings all that day and only one late enquiry (but I was still at the studio and used that class time to paint the walls); we don’t get up in the morning and think ‘I don’t feel like teaching today/night); we are there even if you aren’t. We reduce our December schedule because again we learned hard way over years that party season prevails :).  SERVE LOVE GIVE PURIFY MEDITATE REALISE.  Only this year have we had unusual disruption to our schedule; please know we did our best with that to keep a routine. At the end of May family treated us to a trip to France to recharge our batteries before we get back on providing our full service schedule.   BUT WE ARE BACK ON IT VERY SOON.

At YM we do everything we can to keep it all about facilitating/instructing Yoga practice and try to keep all the admin stuff minimum hence I write so many blogs to help practitioners understand etiquettes of a Yoga school so that as you deepen your practice you can really focus more on the IMPORTANT LIFE ENHANCING WORK.  So in this time leading up to going back home:

~ LET US ALL get back on goal for soul~   Here’s a few reminders of how Yoga School will roll  ~   NEW BEGINNINGS so! Breathe up to your episternal 😉  ~ Know that YM Etiquettes/Terms exist and are Eternal ~ In ‘Rule Number 1’s there are no variance!  ~ Engage with them to enhance Class Experience…

1.SECURITY ~ Doors close 2 mins prior class start ~ this is the way it has to be; please factor in travel/parking; please arrive on time {drive safe}

1.Late cancellation or No show = a credit lost {terms}

1.Please USE your credits before they expire as per terms! Thank You to all who kindly froze their credits {light on credits}

1.No devices in classroom {no smart watches, no fitbits}

1.Bring own water {singleusebottle free zone}

1.Arrive hydrated {banging on about water again!}

1.No water before ‘Eagle’; Sip between Asanas {best times to drink in class}

1.No shoes or bags in the Yoga practice room {Niyamas}

1.It’s a barefoot practice, take care of your feet {Niyamas}

1.No long sleeve tops {Oh what to wear!}

1.Heavy sweaters have own mats {MadMatMatters!}

1.No extra moves/shapes/postures e.g. after ‘Bow’ before ‘Fixed Firm’ {that extra move/visual effect}

1.Yoga Ethics 

1.Lock The Knee

1.Yoga only works if you turn up 😉

Om Om Om know the rules before you break them 😉

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  1. Can’t wait guys really looking forward to seeing you both again and getting back into my yoga 🧘‍♀️ 😘

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