Mad Mat Matters I

We have recently put an order in for all new studio mats. We are always excited when we get new mats; it always feels so fresh. By end of this year we will have been open exactly 4.5 years and this is our 4th such order. We started with orange mats folks (wishful thinking 🙂 ) and we are currently on our second lot of all new red mats. We take mat care at the studio very seriously indeed. We want our practitioners to be comfortable and as you know mat hygiene is of great importance to us. Hence our willingness to invest in new mats so often. But we would like your help and would appreciate your consideration as follows:
1. If you identify yourself as a ‘heavy sweater’ we would be grateful if you would please invest in your own mat. It is a burden of care for the studio instructor to carry such a mat home for deeper cleaning and at this time of year there is no ‘drying weather’ our house is often like a Chinese laundry with mats hanging in every room. Darren & I would like to move away from this scenario; PLEASE help us out. Please don’t be offended if we identify to you that you fall into the category of heavy sweater; this is a compliment! We are both heavy sweaters and we always bring our own mats to class too! Please note ‘Sweatiquettes’
2. If you buy a new towel please wash it before you use it on a studio mat; dye from new towels often runs into our mats and it is nigh on impossible to get out, signifying ‘end of mat career’ at our studio :), as we cannot present them for further use for obvious reasons.
3. If you hire a studio mat please ensure that your towel aligns with the top of your mat where you place your face; makeup can transfer to mats and is a little harder to get off. This also ensures further hygiene benefits for the practitioner.
4. When you hire a studio mat you must be standing on your towel on the mat at all times.
5. If you hire a mat please do not roll it up or hang it after class; if you do this it will get missed as a mat that has been used and will not get the customary assessment/appropriate cleaning we give all used mats after every class. Please just leave it on the floor for us to take care of.
Thank you for your kind consideration and co-operation.

Namaste ~ Trisha & Darren

December 2015

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