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Hello YM Bikram Yogis

We realized when one of our super kind practitioners (there are so many) came the other night very generously wanting to pay cash, even though they held credits, that a few might have misunderstood our request in December when we asked practitioners to bear with us and please freeze credits.  They had thought we meant freeze credits until we are back at Rue De Funchal BUT WE DIDN’T!  That request was to freeze just until we found a new temporary location to teach/practice from and we have been teaching from Langford from 2nd January (3 weeks from the date of the destruction).

So we would like to clarify. CREDITS ARE LIVE and the clock is ticking on them as follows:

CREDITS BOUGHT BEFORE 1 October 2018 are valid for 1 year from date of purchase e.g. if credits were bought 15 February 2018 they expire 15 February 2019 (NO EXTENSION as 1 year was a super long validity anyway).

CREDITS BOUGHT AFTER 1 October 2018 (date we changed our validity) are valid for 6 months.  However all those that bought after 1/10/18 but BEFORE the incident on 10/12/18 (which the holders were kind enough to freeze for 3 weeks until we found temporary premises) WILL HAVE ONE MONTH ADDED unto the validity of those credits e.g. if you bought your credits 15 November 2018 they would be valid until 15 May 2019 PLUS one month 15 June 2019.

ANYONE BUYING CREDITS NOW (at Langford) understands where we are at and NORMAL VALIDITY APPLIES i.e. 6 months.

WE totally understand that there are a few who just cannot make their way to our temporary location at Langford AT ALL (e.g. normal Tue/Thur morning only practitioners) and for those credit holders they asked and were so happy to (so kind as to offer) freeze credits until we are back at Rue De Funchal when whatever remainder was left on their validity at 10 December 2018 (to a maximum of 6 months) will be added on again on our happy reopening date.  Some evening class practitioners too have tried but been unable to make it to any classes on our reduced schedule and they too have contacted us to let us know and for those we have also frozen credits as mentioned before.

Policies in relation to credits/booking/cancellation, which are clearly stated on our website and on the sheet given at the end of first class, still apply.  {If you have come to a few classes at Langford and then stopped coming without notification as above then please know ~ the clock IS ticking on your credits and if you don’t use them they will expire in due course.}

We hope this clarifies. PLEASE COME AND USE YOUR CREDITS, we are in survival mode and you using your credits is really helping a struggling small local business stay alive.  We don’t have any updates on the studio yet folks only that to say 6 weeks on we are still at the ‘wall’ stage. Until the the ‘wall’ is dealt with no work can start on our studio; Darren pops in to check it daily and sadly as time passes the rain/weather is starting to affect our lovely woodwork, it is so sad to see; we have removed some doors and covered some with plastic to preserve but we cannot preserve everything.  Personally, I am looking forward to the day when the only wall I am discussing in any detail is the one on Game of Thrones 😉 .  The day work starts on our studio will be a positive day for us and we will be shouting it from the rooftops 😉 i.e. you will hear about it here 🙂

Om Om Om  Thank You Kindly for bearing with us

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