I don’t think there’s a word for what happens at aging elbows but a glimpse of mine in the mirror six months ago caused me a ‘lil pause. The body’s ageing landmark/destinations and names we give them funny: kninkles, bingo wings, muffin tops, cankles, excess skin/folds/wrinkles that form around certain parts of body overtime ‘cos of lost elasticity and forces of gravity. I looked at my elbows nostalgically, rubbed in bit o’ cream just.that.once. and promptly forgot about them.  Next stop muffin top! first inkling a few weeks ago. Perhaps time for me to stop buying yoga leggings that are two sizes too small just ‘cos I like color and they’re the right price in charity shop (sweat clothing expensive, I go hard on them, so great to get a bargain to top up wardrobe). The photo doesn’t do mine justice, best seen when looking downwards.  A consistent size 10 all my life but muffin top made me think I really should stop squeezing into xs/6/8 low waist Yoga leggings.  So I pack up my two sizes too small leggings and decided to wear proper size but still low waist. Lo & behold! muffin top still there in all its glory. Oh well. Am 52. My ageing body is just fine.  I’m fine Thank you very much. There is stuff to contend with in ‘the Change’ I believe.  I hear the talk in the background about it all the time; I am sure I will know all about it soon enough as there is no defying age or gravity no matter what the marketing moguls try to sell you.  Resistance is futile unless it is resistance exercises which are catalyst for muscle growth. Using your own body is the best resistance aid. At YM we support the resistance BUT we love and embrace CHANGE! We are always having to recalibrate how we approach everything (life & Yoga)!  WE DON’T HAVE THE SAME BODY OR MINDSET THAT WE HAD YESTERDAY.  THERE IS ALWAYS A NEW BEGINNING, A ‘NEW EMERGING PERSON’ EVERY TIME YOU STEP ON YOUR MAT AND PRACTICE YOUR YOUTHFUL POSTURE.

Om Om Om Begin the Begin


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