You and Us

Yoga means union. In the Yoga world I have heard numerous constructions placed on what this “union” means; all of them right. As a starting point consider that the union is that of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness and is a means of balancing and harmonising the body, mind and emotions.
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‘Single Bikram Pass’ £12

‘Single HOT45 Pass’ £10

’10 Class Pass’ discounted fee £95 (valid 6 months)
Mat rental £1
Mat purchase £20

‘BIKRAM’ Class Times

Monday to Thursday 6pm

Friday 5.30pm

Saturday 4pm

Tuesday Thursday Sunday 9.30am

‘HOT 45’ Class Time

(can buy ‘single pass’ or use discounted Bikram 10classpass)

Wednesday 7am

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Contact Us

Yoga Matters is on Rue De Funchal just off Minden Place/Burrard Street; opposite beige brick building Ed Le Quesne House. We are in a pale yellow building with black painted door. Our reception door is a beautiful shade of purple (like our website). If you cannot find us please give us a call and we will come out and meet you.
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