YM Loves ‘Left’ :) ~ left property statistics

Our Left Property is sooo tidy these days I almost miss it’s chaos! almost…

FREQUENTLY left: water bottles (hundreds over the years; cannot be kept too long for hygiene reasons)
UNUSUAL left (and never collected): brand new pair of shoes in a box (kept for a year no one claimed)
SADDEST left: some beautiful fresh French macarons; I had to watch them go bad because no-one claimed! That was a sad day! 🙂
EXPENSIVE left: 3 diamond rings (collected VERY quickly 🙂 we have had PLENTY of jewellery left behind over the years); if it is left at YM it is always found; IF IT IS NOT LEFT AT YM IT WON’T BE FOUND…
SMALLEST left: screw from spectacles (a few of these over the years) (Again! if it is left at YM it WILL be found!) we have a very ‘close’ relationship with our floor folks 🙂
FUNNIEST left: the ‘delete’ key from a computer; later claimed as being part of a fancy dress outfit?!!
Food Items: allsorts of food shops have been left only half of which were every picked up again
AWKWARD left: mats (we just don’t have the storage for them and if a collection builds up they take up valuable space)
‘TRYING’ left: Towels. Every time I see one left I wilt a little; they cannot just be tucked away in ‘left’ they have to be brought home to wash or they will go smelly (hygiene); if 2 or 3 are left in one night (quite often) can be quite ‘heavy’ to carry to car with other studio stuff) HAPPILY! NO one has left a towel since we reopened after lockdown Mar20!
‘Left’ that is ALWAYS collected: electronic devices (beit laptop or phone; people will ALWAYS collect these
LARGEST left: a whole outfit! (shoes,jacket,coat,smalls,skirt,blouse, the works; classed as one; kept it for a year no one ever claimed)
BEST left: EVERY SINGLE CLASS: your troubles!

Oct2020 amuse…

YM Left Property ‘Poem’   OF COURSE THERE’S A POEM 🙂 !!

Please remember as per terms signed on entering first class YM practitioners are responsible for taking care of their own property, common sense must prevail! Left property can only be held for 3 months and then is donated to charity shop; we simply have not got the space to store practitioners personal belongs indefinately. Water bottles pose a hygiene risk so they will not be kept as long.

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