Please ‘take me home’ poem

Am feeling unwanted; left at YM a long time

Whilst I like it here (it sure is sublime) 🙂

I didn’t leave you, YOU LEFT ME

You’ve been searching everywhere and still you can’t see

All this time I’ve been STUCK ~ HERE ON THE SHELF

Forgotten and unwanted, is how I have felt

There ISN’T ENOUGH ROOM for me to stay here long

This is yourLAST CHANCE for me TO BELONG

TO YOU for in 2 WEEKS I will be brought

Toyonder {nearest} 🙂 CHARITY SHOP

(And off their shelf I surely will hop!!!)

Someone else’s property I am destined to be

And‘you & me’ will be a distant memory…

Yours, Left Property

YM left property statistics

Practitioners are responsible for taking care of their own belongings. Left property can only be held for 3 months and then is donated to charity shop; we simply have not got the space to store practitioners personal belongs indefinately. Water bottles pose a hygiene risk so they will not be kept as long.

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