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Updated August19…

April 18: O-O-ooh my new salt has arrived!!! never tried ‘Redmond Real’ salt before. (Yes. My world is small.)

Ayurvedically speaking I always favoured Celtic ‘cos it is closest to the surface/sun and closest to who I am 😉 genetically and where I am geographically, but there is of course the possible sea pollution element to contend with here and it is messy/damp, no good in a grinder but good for cooking with and I like that occasional salty crunch in my food.  This ‘Redmond Real’ salt seems to have fewer radioactive elements compared to Himalayan salt (but that is probably negligible anyway) and is ‘finer’ so good for sprinkling 🙂 .  It is a pity it had to travel so far (a deposit from an ancient sea in Utah that the Native Americans found). mmm.  Anyway, between Celtic and Redmond I should get more trace minerals. There is no doubt that ‘eating real food’ is where it is at ‘tho folks! You cannot look at the ‘nutritional label guide’ on a packet of processed food and honestly think it compares ‘health benefit’ wise to eating a portion of fresh greens.  Anyway I digress.

{Update August19: So the Redmond salt is ‘ok’; am not thrilled at the miles it has to travel ‘tho; nor am I delighted about the miles my celtic salt has to travel (and all that plastic packaging!) BUT I see that JERSEY SEA SALT has really improved its website and there is tons more information there about their process and the mineral content (unrefined) of this local salt; very transparent. THIS I AM EXCITED ABOUT have a look at their website folks jerseyseasalt.com (genuine jersey/buy local/support a local business) ~ so when my supplies of the other run out I will be looking forward to to using this local product for our salt needs}

ACCEPT NO SALT SUBSTITUTES!!! Unrefined salt not table salt: My daughter found a tub of ‘table salt’ when we were poking around in the garage the other day and asked ‘what is that’ ? I was so pleased 🙂 that she got to 10 3/4 and didn’t recognise that classic cylindrical tub (I grew up with such a tub as a staple in the kitchen).  Yes she saw the word ‘salt’ on it but did not make the connection to the one we ingest because she did not recognise the container. I told her it was for when I dye clothing that table salt fixes the dye, it is a type of salt only fit for the garage not for the kitchen.

UNREFINED SALT is the way to go; you have to make the distinction between that old white crystal called table salt and the rest. Please do your research on this most important essential nutritional item.

If you are a long term YM practitioner then you have probably guessed it! Yes! It IS that time of year again when I try to find new ways to remind you of that little ‘old business of hydration and electrolytes’.  If you are working in Bikram Hot Environment it is a good idea to consume more salt than rda.  The negative effects of salt depletion are not trivial.  If you are a reader I recommend ‘The Salt Fix’ by Dr James Dinicolantonia (cardiovascular research scientist).  As we enter the warmer season please refresh your memory on electrolytes and hydration and looksee at some of my older posts for more on these topics 🙂

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April 18

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