Strange Doctor


A little man in a sharp suit walked into my reception at 5.40 this evening! (a little later than we like first timers to arrive, but it happens).  Here’s how it went (not verbatim except the bits in quotes but you will get the gist). He seemed to be enquiring about class times.

Truthfully, I got a sense I was being tested from the moment he opened his mouth but you have to go along with these things sometimes wherever they may lead. I picked my schedule up to show him; he enquired if I was doing a class now; well yes, at 6 o’clock sir (I eyed his 2 tiny little plastic bags (no yoga mat or towel in there methinks!).  He didn’t have them but I could help him out with those. But what was he going to practice in? It seems he had done a spinning class this morning and forgotten his underwear so was wearing his swim trunks underneath the suit since then. I enquired as to whether they were Speedos? (I am always delighted when a pair of Speedos walks into the studio; they are de rigeur in the Bikram Yoga world after all). Well Speedo trunks of some sort; that’s perfect!

The gentleman it seems practices Bikram regularly at home. I thought that terrific; you are quite disciplined if you develop a home practice. I said this is great but I chitchatted “it is always good to check in now and then with a public class to check your technique”.  He agreed, apparently he does so regularly every four months elsewhere.

Of course my burning question always on my lips for every newbie coming into my studio “ARE YOU HYDRATED?

His answer was “no”. Me: “I am sorry I cannot let you in then.” But the man protesteth ~ he practices at home and he never drinks; I suggested the heat he gets up at home might not be the same as what we achieve in our studio.  Him: “Oh! I don’t do it in heat”. Me: “Well, I am sorry sir, I cannot let you in“. Him: “I never drink”.

And then something changed about this he seemed to contradict himself a little so I was then unsure again about if he was hydrated or not; HE was so adamant that it was ok for him to come in. But I have to clarify if people are hydrated first class experience (I must comply with my own policy after all!) (Yes. I was ‘in compliance’ in a former life :)).

So you say you haven’t drunk any water but your ok to come in {Are ye getting confused yet peeps? 🙂 phew!!} He asked something along the lines of how much should we be drinking and where do I get my information from? And added “You have a very strong opinion for someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about”.

Well. I started to explain quantities and World Health Org, blah blah blah and “if you want to come another time when …. Him: “Oh I won’t be coming again”. “I am a doctor and a surgeon”. “You need to read a book called ‘Water Logged’ by {Noakes}” he tells me. {I have just googled this book blurb; It’s not at all what I thought it was going to be about; but it does look like an interesting read.} Every word he said was with a smile on his face. He wouldn’t be coming again, I had to shrug (unlike the real Atlas!). The End.

So, you see I was a little rattled as I went in to start the class.  I am not a doctor or surgeon; I am a transparent Yoga instructor; nothing more! But I stand by all my previous articles/posts about hydration/electrolytes; please read them. I am rattled because simply it seems clear now that the man had no intention of coming into practice with us but with his “doctor/surgeon” credentials came in with some agenda; I know not what his intentions are.


I LOVE what I do. It is my passion. BUT I don’t do this for pin money; I also have a lease to pay for the studio and a contribution to our household/mortgage to make. I don’t know if this gentleman is going to go off and write some damning post or what he will say to others.

My reputation is so important. I feel the joy, privilege and also the responsibility of admitting new people into their first class at YM; I want to preserve their first class experience.

Therefore our policy of: If it is your first time to YM ~ NO ADMISSION IF YOU ARE NOT HYDRATED ~ stands firm.  It is clearly stated on our website and flyer and we make no apology for us doing our best to preserve your first Bikram Yoga class experience at our school.

Namaste ~ Trisha

April 2013