Dear YM Practitioner

We are so very happy to advise that after our forced closure we will be re-opening Monday 15/3/21 and ready to go!  Please be reassured all credits held at the time of closure 4th December were frozen.  We thank you for letting us freeze your credits; we didn’t take it for granted but we did follow the ‘freezing’ standard that has generally been accepted by all parties worldwide on this front.  Your credits will have extra validity time added to them.  We are not just adding the period of closure to validity. All valid credits held at 4/12/20 will have validity until 30 September 2021!  With the exception of a few who bought credits during this most recent lockdown for the vast majority this extra will be greatly in excess of the closure period. !Please! On returning, if you have valid credits left to use up, PLEASE use them up FIRST before you invest in new credits. Also, we will still take cash as payment from our existing practitioners (i.e. we are not cashless/do not want a cashless society).

MYYM ~ PLEASE NOTICE future booking 2021 will be ONLINE not text

Please, individual practitioners must each ‘Register’ to use our new booking system ‘Momoyoga’ via link or download the ‘Momoyoga App’ from Google Playstore or Apple Store.   For existing practitioners only when you’ve registered can we upload your existing valid credits. PLEASE if you have credits with us ~REGISTER FIRST~: please do not book classes immediately on registering; PLEASE ALLOW US ONE DAY TO UPLOAD YOUR CREDITS BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT TO BOOK; this is a process/order of events.  If you have registered already you will see your existing credits there for you to use. Once we have uploaded your credits after you register you will be able to book using your credits via ‘MOMOYOGA APP’ OR our WEBSITE ‘CONTACT & BOOK’ Tab and ~YOU~ will be able to ‘purchase’ future credits {Add Product} for booking yourself. Just Add Product as you use up your old credits then pay in whatever way is arranged with YM. Thank you very much for engaging with this IT IS really simple to use; just go have a look at it.

MYYM ~ PLEASE Plan Ahead

CV restrictions have had a huge impact on EVERYONE, you, us, the way we operate in our day to day. You can maintain your regular Bikram practice by not leaving it too late to try book one of the limited spaces. The majority of our practitioners ‘got this’ down really quickly last year.  Planning ahead to book to use up your credits before they expire is the new ‘norm’ in a time of restrictions/distancing. Regrettably, no ‘Walk Ins’ either; pre booking is also part of the govt advice at this time.

MYYM ~ PLEASE in this time of limited space CHECK your diary/schedule/calendar BEFORE you book

On the flip side, we have experienced people panic booking way too far in advance and subsequently when they cancel (whether it be early or late cancellation) it was ALREADY TOO LATE for the people who had been waitlisted. Most had made other plans or did not have their Yoga gear with them OR they did not see the waitlist notification message. It is also quite disheartening to be instructing a limited space class with 3 empty spaces when you had disappointed/turned 10 people away for those spaces. PLEASE PLEASE double check your own diary/availability BEFORE you book yourself in. WE WANT EVERYONE to be able to get their Yoga on!  INCLUDING WAITLISTERS read on…

MYYM ~ WAITLISTING ! important !

With limited space because of gov’t/covid/restrictions our new Momoyoga system has a fab ‘waitlist’ option.  It removes the need for us to text each waitlister in turn. Being waitlisted now is a much more simple BUT formal/serious booking affair so if you choose ‘waitlist’ YOU WILL NEED TO PREPARE AND MAKE SURE you have your Yoga gear WITH YOU for that moment when your ‘waitlist booking’ becomes a ‘live booking’.  This is the global standard for booking waitlisters.

You will need ‘product’ (i.e. paid up class passes) in order to be moved from the waitlist into class; even if you successfully waitlist without product when a space becomes available the system recognises that you have not got valid passes so will not move you to the class list. Please bear this in mind when you are getting low on paid up passes but still booking.

To be waitlisted you will have to ACTIVELY choose to ‘waitlist’ when your preferred class option is ‘full’ the ‘waitlist’ option becomes available. You will see the ‘waitlist’ option in ‘grey’

> Select ‘waitlist’ (grey)

> Select ‘add to waitlist’ (saffron)

> Click your passes (like a normal booking)

> It prompts AGAIN ‘are you sure you want to book’

> Select ‘add to waitlist’ again

> It will then say ‘class booked’ I.E. you will see you are now ‘waitlisted’ in saffron J

Please be assured your class pass will not be taken until such time as you are moved from ‘waitlist’ to the formal ‘classlist’Just wait for the notifications message. The minute someone cancels you will get a message that says ‘Off the Waitlist Into Class! Yay!’ Telling you that you are officially registered as a participant.  If you change your mind about being on the waitlist you will need to actively remove yourself, as with a normal booking. Please don’t forget to do that; Remember! There will be someone behind you in the waitlist queue who may be very much in need of Bikram. As mentioned, this is a global standard for waitlist bookings.


We have updated our Terms of ‘admittance/booking/cancellation/noshow’ procedures and policies. As usual they are available for all to view on our website.  We have finally decided to save paper/ink and will no longer be handing ‘hard copy’ Terms to people at end of their first class. This was old fashioned; we think everyone knows that every business has ‘Terms’ of service and they are always found on a business’ website J.


Reminder, as a small business, as we have always declared, ‘FACEBOOK’ is our big resource for keeping our practitioners NOTIFIED OF NEWS and CHANGES to do with our school; join us on Facebook to stay ‘up to date’.  Additionally ‘within’ our website our ‘Terms’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ have always clearly stated that they ‘may’ be periodically updated and practitioners should periodically visit our website pages to keep their knowledge current on such things.

MYYM ~ RESOURCES ~ Have more Yoga in your Yoga!

We have been writing ‘blogs’ since we opened and there are nearly 200 now! We have renamed our blog ‘LIVEYOURYOGA’ and there is a new ‘index’ of topics/categories at the top of the page to make it easier for you to home in on the YM/Bikram Yoga related topic you are interested in knowing more about. They are inspired by you, written about you and for you to help you add more depth to your practice and give you the knowledge you need to help you live the philosophy of Yoga on and off your mat!


We could really do with some more ‘Google’ Ratings (to get us back to the 5stars we had pre wall fall when someone from overseas broadly targeted Yoga studios to take their ratings down; we have not had enough ‘Google’ reviews since to get our 5stars back; if you have been coming to YM for years and LOVE what goes on there we should be ever so grateful if you would share that with the world folks… If you have a Google a/c make sure your ‘signed in’ and search in Google Maps for Yoga Matters. On Left side (see all the usual Directions, Nearby, etc) SCROLL DOWN until you see the option to click ‘Write a review’. Then in the window that appears click the stars to give us a score (Yay!) and if you like feel free to write a review too!

MYYM ~ COVID PROTOCOLS ~ We ALL Have a Part to Play!

Our ‘Contagion Mitigation Plan’ has not changed! It was always extensive, tight and actively implemented! Please refresh your memory on mitigation behaviours expected of all who choose to walk through our purple doors.  Even if you have had the vaccine, at YM all our mitigation protocols will still apply for the immediate future.  Aside from the obvious DISTANCING, MASKS and GOOD RESPIRATORY HYGIENE practices a few reminders to brush up on:

WE will continue our daily ‘extra vigilant’ cleaning/sanitizing practices but of course combating this is a joint effort and so we further reiterate PLEASE:

  • PREP: READ the ‘Contagion Mitigation Plan’ prior to coming to class
  • ORGANISE: do all your texting/devicing outside of YM; devices (smartwatches, fitbits, phones) are not permitted in Yoga class (YM is a ‘device free’ Yoga school) and for the duration there is no ‘space’ or ‘time’ available in reception/lobby for people to dwell and scroll/text
  • DO NOT ENTER LOBBY if black street door is closed
  • DO NOT ENTER LOBBY without ‘Mask On’
  • ENGAGE! BE ALERT: to who is in front of you and who is behind you in coming to your class; breaches of social distancing measures can be anxiety inducing for some. Please be MINDFUL
  • USE THE HAND SANITISER* in the lobby BEFORE putting a hand on anything in our reception
  • TEMPERATURE: don’t enter studio until we have used the infrared thermometer**
  • ONE WAY SYSTEM: please adhere, organise yourself, go in room, don’t keep coming back out
  • ~WATER: (must have) ~ bring your own
  • ~MASK: (must have) ~ keep mask on until you have landed on your mat / put mask on if you intend to go to the loo
  • ~TISSUES: (must have) ~ ‘Catch It Bin It Kill It’ READ our ‘HAVE YOU GOT ISSUES WITH YOUR TISSUES’ BLOG; for prompts on tissue behaviour e.g. Do not use your hands to cough/sneeze into; use tissues or ELBOW (sanitiser available for the ‘forgets’ J)
  • ~MAT: (must have) ~ invest in your own (consider buying one of ours to support small local business)
  • ~TOWELS: (must have) ~ Heavy Sweaters ‘Sweatiquettes’ please note you need 2 towels; either one on top other on top of mat OR one on mat and second one to mop up sweat around mat before you leave class
  • ETIQUETTES: please refresh your memory (our website) and PRACTICE the protocols and Yoga etiquettes (Yamas & Niyamas) diligently; AHIMSA being a fundamental of good Yoga practice
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM: endeavour to strengthen yours and keep it strong; there is tons of online information
  • Stay HYDRATED and keep your throat moist; Look after yourselves folks!


It has been such a long time Yogi friends! we are very excited that we can ‘reset’ and very much looking forward to our NEW BEGINNING 2021 and can’t wait to see you on your mat.

Om Om Om Lets start from scratch… again 🙂

Namaste, Darren & Trisha

5 March 2021

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