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picked up ‘Business Life’ local mag at airport {Sep19}; ‘twas the cover that caught my attention “DUTY OF CARE, ITS TIME TO FACE UP TO STARK STATISTICS ABOUT EMPLOYEES MENTAL HEALTH” inside headline “THIS IS AN ISSUE WE CAN’T AFFORD TO IGNORE.” Synopsis of feature: “financial sector does not fare well when it comes to mental health among employees”… “this should ring alarm bells for the CI dominated as their economies are by FSBs”… As someone who formerly worked in that sector I well relate to this issue. I KNOW HOW THIS GOES.  It is so easy to get plugged in hunched over your desk, work early/late (every day), miss lunch, work weekends (frequently).  I was one of those types of workers; you are on a roll getting things done but somehow you’ve crept over some tipping point where it becomes all consuming, all about work, you lose that ‘work/life’ balance element tthat you hear everyone else banging on about in your background of work/pain/stress.  You lose perspective, sense of humor, nobody but nobody can get you away from your desk and you don’t know how to switch off. Even if you are not that particular type of worker one must NEVER FORGET it is all relative. Stress is relative. Causes vary and can manifest symptoms in your worklife. If this BL article is to be taken at its face value and seriously then more employers are now recognizing they may have a role to play, first acknowledging the problem and then coming up with solutions… because “this is a problem that will continue to dog the FS sector, affecting recruitment, retention, reputation and ultimately business results.”

WE KNOW THIS ALREADY AT YOGA MATTERS. If I was going to tout just ONE thing about what we do it would be excellent mental hygiene element of Bikram Yoga. We run 90 minute Bikram classes every day at YM.  For those who really don’t want to plunge in to full 90 minutes hot and sweaty just yet a HOT45 minute timeout on a Wednesday morning at 7a.m. might just might be the ‘WORK/YOGA SWAP’ needed in the moment that will bring them opportunity to change up at least one of their working days, de-stress, practice mindfulness and INVEST IN THEIR MENTAL HEALTH.  Investing in Wellbeing is the most valuable investment; it is future planning.

• suitable for people who spend a large part of their day sitting down/look up/get away from your desk folks!

Thank you.
{typical Trisha dilemma: is it ‘might just’ OR ‘just might’ ? mmmmm; Trisha solution ‘might just might’  }

Om Om Om In Pursuit of Stillness


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