Bikram Yoga and its extractions…

Bikram Yoga classes are 90 minutes.  (As a matter of interest Sivananda classes are 90 minutes.  Iyengar classes are 90 minutes). There IS no ‘quick fix all’ and 90 minutes seems to be the good practice standard old school or as some studios call it ‘the Classic’.  Back in 1978 Bikram stated in his ‘Beginning Yoga Class’ book that “you won’t get any quick, instant… recipes…” OR as Emmy Cleaves says “There is no 10 second miracle”.  90 minutes is the 100%  program. At the hour mark in a 90 minute class THAT is when you are getting into the nitty gritty.  Bikram school categorised practitioners into Stage One, Two and Three – 1 being complete beginner, 3 being strong practitioner.  HOWEVER. 🙂 . Even in 1978 it was recognised there may be circumstances when the practitioner may need something different and for the stage three  he designed and permitted them to attend a special or ‘half’ class that will help with ‘maintenance’ and not allow the cumulative benefit of a previous strong practice to deteriorate.  Use this when you are truly pressed for time.

Around the world Bikram Yoga schools have gradually added in the special sets of one hour classes or 45 minute classes.  This wasn’t the Bikram dream, when it came to the asana practice it wanted the best for everyone and that meant 90 minutes. BUT. the world isn’t as it was in 1978 and statistics world wide showing people are living longer with NEW and different challenges on their ageing bodies than way back then.  Obesity, for example, (which can place tremendous strain on joints) being at almost epidemic level in some countries now ANY mindful movement for a body that wouldn’t move otherwise has got to be a PLUS!  These 60 minute and 45 minute classes derived from the Bikram pure sequence are easily recognisable because they contain the distinctive Bikram postures in the classic Bikram order; They get called different names by different studios e.g. Bikram 60, Hot 60, Express Bikram, Bikram Express.  In our school HOT45! Yay! We see that this is called for and in the new year we will be laying on more!

HOT45 ~ Designed and intended for those who want to add more Yoga to their normal routine… not meant to be a substitute for Bikram but an opportunity to add a bit of extra practice/maintenance in where one might not normally have the time for an extra evening class i.e. primarily meant to be added to an existing Bikram practice routine. However, it is suitable for all. It is HOT. It is 45 minutes! Enjoy.

Don’t worry folks 90 minutes is our REAL DEAL and we will not be dropping any of these important classes from the schedule.

Om Om Om In Pursuit of Stillness

Love, Trisha & Darren


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