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***IMPORTANT READ FOR ALL MOMOYOGA USERS*** Momoyoga (‘MY’) is settling in really well as a new employee 🙂 It is here to stay!  Everyone learns in different ways and paces so a few gentle reminders PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ!

When we employed/invested in MY ~ ALL our Policies, Terms, Procedures that go along with booking, cancellation, waitlisting were necessarily revised. We do not operate in the same way anymore.  The times forced our hand on this; we had to change we hope you understand the change you need to make too.  The changes were highly promoted and advertised by us (all over our Website/FB) and they are here to stay too. Our ‘Terms’ are our personal boundaries and describe how we are prepared to offer our services and that includes us as well as you adapting to how MY offers its booking/waitlisting/cancellation service.

We cannot ‘work outside the box’ (the system) on this one so PLEASE don’t put us in a position where you ask us to and we have to refuse. THE ONLY WAY you can attend a class at YM if you are holidaymaker, one time practitioner, returning practitioner, friend of a practitioner, occasional practitioner is if you ‘Register’ first on Momoyoga and follow the processes.  We ’employed’/invested in Momoyoga to take us out of people’s booking/cancellation dilemmas (amongst other things) so please don’t try to draw us back in; we are only 2 Yoga instructors we are not a team of people or a large corporate; we are trying to build efficiencies into how we operate in the best way we can and get some personal/family time back. Follow the processes we promise you they are as simple as they can be.

1.~ PLEASE. PLEASE DON’T TEXT, WHATSAPP, FB OR EMAIL ANYTHING TO DO WITH BOOKING OR CANCELLATION: an increase in people choosing to text/message rather than use MY recently particularly in relation to class ‘cancellation’ and we are not sure why. We understand people might think they are the only one doing that but no they are not.  We have invested/employed MY to ‘handle the booking/cancellation’ service if you like to free us up for more important work of making sure our energies are focused on you and your practice.  You successfully booked in on MY with a click and a click of the button can cancel you off that class list too. It really is that simple. Texts or other messages result in us having to text/message back to re-direct back to MY for proper cancellation. Valuable time gets lost here: For more than half it took over an hour for them to proceed to the MY cancel which meant another hour delay for the keen Waitlister.  In this time of limited space please consider those behind you on the Waitlist. Similarly, if you do ‘cancel’ a class via Momoyoga, please please, do not also separate text, email or fb message us your reason; this is a totally unnecessary extra action; we have no expectation of explanation whatsoever; your reasons are your own; we employed/invested MY so that we could get some time back so that we can be better at our core service; now that we see how great MY is we really don’t want to go back to the text scenario

2.~ PLEASE. WAITLISTERS. CHANGED YOUR MIND ABOUT THAT CLASS? If at any point you change your mind about attending and you Waitlisted yourself you must remove yourself from the Waitlist because if you don’t and you then make the official class list Terms will apply.  TAKE YOURSELF OFF THE WAITLIST AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND SHOULD A SPACE BECOME AVAILABLE: as mentioned in previous posts, in the time of limited space, THE WAITLIST IS A VERY IMPORTANT TOOL NOW. Please don’t casually, randomly select loads of classes to waitlist if you are not going to keep a tab on the possibility that you might actually make an official class list.  Make a note of the classes you waitlist for and the moment you know something would prevent you from coming take yourself off the Waitlist; there are others behind you in the queue.   The Waitlist works beautifully and smoothly when you use it the way it is meant to be used

3.~ PLEASE. WAITLISTERS must be alert (and if your waitlist request was serious then you will be eager and alert) to the moment when they may get that message ‘Off the Waitlist Into Class !Yay!’ Remember! Putting yourself on the Waitlist is a formal serious request for space and as such the minute you get off the Waitlist into Class ALL TERMS APPLY. Too many saying changed mind/or didn’t know what it means to Waitlist. You will need to work out how the Waitlist feature is going to work in your life for you.  We cannot be drawn in on this; we no longer need to and so do not ‘nurture’ the class lists constantly like we used to; we look at them on the day/hour before a class and if your name is on the list we don’t know whether you got in first try or via waitlist effort. Waitlist is your feature/tool now to use appropriately.  At our end: we see your name on the class list and therefore we are expecting and waiting for you

4.~ PLEASE. WAITLISTERS we love you but we cannot get involved in individuals mobile device management, choice of service providers, access/no access to particular service. Whether the service you have chosen is WiFi or 4g, mobile or not whatever your personal choice is YOU have to work out for yourself whether the Waitlist feature as it works is something that will work for you in your lifestyle. The Waitlist does what it is supposed to do. It moves people from Waitlist to formal Class Register as soon as a space becomes available and it sends a message to the Waitlister immediately. If your chosen service doesn’t give you constant access to your emails then maybe you need to take yourself off the Waitlist. Remember Terms Apply

5.~ PLEASE. 3 STEPS: (1) Add Product (2) PAY (3) Book Class or Waitlist Class  SUFFICIENT PRODUCT REQUIRED FOR ALL BOOKINGS: Do not Waitlist yourself for class if you have not got sufficient product to cover that class in the event that you are auto-moved from ‘Waitlist’ to ‘Formal Class Register’.  DO NOT ADD YOURSELF TO ANY CLASS OR ANY CLASS WAITLIST IF YOU HAVE NOT ‘ADDED PRODUCT’ FIRST.  (1) ‘Add Product’ comes first. (2) Paying online (separate transfer – we do not take your money) come second. (3) ‘Booking/Waitlisting’ classes comes Third ! If you do not follow that order of events it creates admin/manual adjusts needs behind the scenes. Please make sure you have sufficiently added ‘Product’ to meet the Bookings/Waitlistings that you are making

6.~ PAY PROMPTLY: Just because you had to ‘Waitlist’ does not mean you should not pay promptly when you have ‘Added Product’ in order to Waitlist. Please pay within one hour of Adding Product regardless of the type of booking request.  DON’T WORRY! If you don’t get off the Waitlist into Class that paid up Product will still be there waiting for your future use (6mth validity period applies)

7.~ WE DO NOT TAKE YOUR MONEY when you press the ‘Pay Online’ button; That is just the way the system is designed / part of the process you have to work through to book: You will then have to go and do an online transfer separately; you are in booking mode here so why not complete the process by making the payment.  BANK DETAILS are in the Product Order Confirmation email you receive when you ‘Add Product’

8.~ PLEASE NOTE. Don’t turn yourself into a ‘No Show’ if something prevents you from coming. Please remove yourself from the class list via Momoyoga otherwise everyone (not just the instructor but the other practitioners too) will be waiting for you beause, as you will all know from experience, once everyone ‘expected’ is on their Yoga mat we can start the class which means you all get to go home earlier. I have spent more than a few classes since we reopened waiting more than 15mins for that 1 last person to turn up who turned out to be a ‘no show’ that means all the other people in the room waited too! If you were in that class early and waiting think how happy you have been to get started/finished earlier than expected ~ it is like a gift of an extra 10/15 mins to your day

9.~ PLEASE NOTE: THAT IF YOU BOOK WITHIN 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO ANY CLASS there is a possibility if you will turn up after that the class will already have started because of what we said in ‘8.’. Basically, one of the joys in a system like this is that because everyone has to book before they come (no ‘walk ins’), if all expected class attendees are in the Yoga room then the class can start anything up to 15 minutes early! That means a whole class gets to finish/go home earlier; we will not keep a whole class of people sitting around for 15 mins for the sake of a ‘chance’ someone might book 5mins before a class; similarly if you thought you had booked but didn’t and then turn up within that 15 minute period there is a chance you will be locked out of class if everyone else we expected was in; so please do make sure you follow the booking process properly to avoid any disappointment. If you booked late (after the class started) you will be given your pass back (just text us what happened).

10.~ WE CANNOT ‘SET UP AN ACCOUNT/REGISTER YOU’ AT THE STUDIO.  If you are new please do not turn up unannounced expecting us to set up an account for you ‘on the ground’; We do not have a team of people to support this type of admin. Our half hour before class is for checking registered people in and dealing with Yoga queries etc. You have to ‘Register yourself’ online/app BEFORE you attend at our studio; your account/passwords etc are personal to you; this is a process you will have to follow for yourself without our input (other than the pictorial guides on FB albums and the information in this blog)

11.~ CLASS CANCELLATION TERMS. 12hrs min cancellation notice required or class pass will be forfeit. Our Terms are very clear and you indicate agreement to them by proceeding to book with us. They are IN FULL ON OUR WEBSITE (like all businesses), they are in brief in your welcome to MY/Yoga Matters email, they are in brief in your Product Order/Class Booking Confirmation Email.

THANK YOU for Engaging. If someone reading this is new and/or is still a little unclear about what ‘Adding Product’ and ‘Booking Class’ is go to our FB Page ‘Photos’ ‘Albums’ and look at the pictorial on ‘Add Product / Book A Class’ (sometimes a picture speaks many words!); also please read additional do/don’t re Momoyoga App by clicking this link.

Om Om Om MY is YOURS! Own it!


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