We Love Momoyoga (‘MY’)

Let me tell you a little story of life for us before MY. Pre cv we were ticking along with our text/booking system, enjoying it even, keeping the connect with our practitioners before they even showed up on their mat! CV changed everything. Reduced space because of restrictions/distancing meant the few spaces available were in high demand and our days turned into one long texting nightmare.  Not going to dress it up: every waking minute was us managing the bookings via text.  Even our meals were tricky to get through, because every 15/30 minutes away from the phone meant a backlog was building up. 7 days a week.  Believe it or not sanitizing at the studio was made horrendous too because of the phone; having to pull the ‘ol rubber gloves off 15-20 times in the 2 hrs before class to deal with the late cancellations resulting in many texts to people on the waitlist to get someone to fill the space. We really were worn out and it really took the joy out of what we do. Momoyoga has CHANGED OUR WORLD.

Let us introduce you to some new language go along with it:

Product = 10 Class Passes or Single Bikram Class Pass or Single HOT45

Add Product = add one of the above

Passes = formerly we referred to them as credits

~ PLEASE. Don’t ‘text’ anything to do with booking or cancellation anymore.

~ASIDE from the fact of us uploading any existing valid credits before we started back 15/3/21, regardless of how you arrange to pay with us, ~YOU~ will need to upload (i.e. ‘Add’) your own ‘Product’ in future.

~WHEN you ‘Add Product’ Do Not amend the Start Date. The ‘Start Date’ is Not your class booking. The Start Date is the start of the validity of that Product which is the day you upload it. You subsequently use that Product to book yourself into a class.

~YOU must ‘Add Product’ (and pay for that product) BEFORE you add yourself to the waitlist for any class or MY won’t compute the action! This creates a lot of admin at our end. Please follow the proper order of events here

~WHEN you ‘Add Product’ the only option for payment will be ‘bank transfer’. You must press that button regardless of how you intend to pay for the product after you Add Product. This is where you meet our system limitation: Pressing ‘bank transfer’ DOES NOT MEAN a bank transfer is occurring at this point. We do not have your bank details. We do not auto-take your money.  You will then need to either go and do your own separate bank transfer or if you are a long term practitioner who has arranged/prefers to bring cash that is fine.

~REMEMBER if you have used your ‘passes’ in booking and waitlist yourself for additional classes the system won’t move you from the waitlist to a class unless you have ‘ADDED sufficient PRODUCT’ TO COVER THOSE WAITLIST BOOKINGS before you waitlist yourself.

~ PLEASE. TAKE YOURSELF OFF THE WAITLIST AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU CAN NO LONGER ATTEND IF A SPACE WERE TO BECOME AVAILABLE: THE WAITLIST IS A VERY IMPORTANT TOOL NOW. Please don’t casually, randomly select loads of classes to waitlist if you are not going to keep a tab on the possibility that you might actually make an official class list.  Make a note of the classes you Waitlist for and the moment you know something would prevent you from coming take yourself off the Waitlist; there are others behind you in the queue.  The Waitlist works beautifully and smoothly when you use it the way it is meant to be used.

~IF you choose to add yourself to ‘waitlist’ for a class and you subsequently get that message ‘!YAY! Off the Waitlist into Class’ i.e. moved from waitlist to official class register ~on the day~ of class THAT is not an ‘invitation’ to consider if you would like to come THAT is an OFFICIAL BOOKING that you made yourself by choice. If you then ‘cancel’ a class fee will be taken. So Remember! if you ‘Waitlist’ and then change your mind and don’t want to come to class ~YOU~ need to remove yourself from the Waitlist before the 24hr window prior to class. Again, if ‘Waitlist booking’ becomes ‘official booking’ USUAL TERMS APPLY.

~EACH Individual has to REGISTER SEPARATELY (track ‘n trace) if they want to be able to book into a class i.e. you cannot book a friend in under your passes. Please remember we did advise you our Terms are updated from reopening; formerly couples were able to share a block of 10 but this has to change to work with the system.  Please reREAD our terms, booking, cancellation, admittance, policies, procedures.

~ PLEASE NOTE. CLASS LIST LOCKSDOWN 1hour before class starts so you won’t be able to cancel anything at this point. Please don’t turn yourself into a ‘no show’ if something prevents you from coming THIS is the right time to PLEASE send short text to just let us know so we are all not waiting for you; As you will all know from experience, once everyone ‘expected’ is on their Yoga mat we can start the class which means you all get to go home earlier. I have spent more than a few classes since we reopened waiting more than 15mins for that 1 last person to turn up who turned out to be a no show that means all the other people in the room waited too!

~WE still won’t be taking any bookings or talking about your bookings or your diary at the studio/reception; we need to keep the SPACE/people ‘FLOWING’ (avoid congestion). Everything you need to know about the schedule and your Yoga class needs is online.

It is natural, we think human nature, that people want everything to work the way suits them best and from the minute the MY booking lines open we did have a few trying to work ‘around’/bypass the system in some varying and interesting ways but we are asking you all to OWN THIS NOW.  This system is what it is.  We have effectively invested in and employed MY to handle everything to do with bookings so that we can be freed up to talk about and do what we Love the most: Bikram Yoga. It has become part of who YM is. It is part of our Terms now. This is the best way we can offer our services to you. There is no going back! Momoyoga IS YOURS now folks; you can have all your own class information to hand at the tap of a few buttons. And when you turn up to YM all your time at the studio will be just about your practice.


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