Mad Mat Matters II

Meandering through a dept store in London this was sticking out (see pic) from a pile of mats and it drew my attention.  It made me laugh ~ Yes! there are worse mats (no grip/bad quality) and there are thinner/thicker mats (grounding /light /bouncy /cushioning) but I always think the idea of a ‘Beginners’ Yoga ‘mat’ (which I see more and more online) is just another scheme designed to bamboozle unsuspecting newyogipeeps (this mat £42. Yes. £42 but I am well aware it is not so uncommon now to spend £85-£100 (a little out of my league on a Yoga instructors wage) and of course there is the attached

I digress.  Back to ‘Beginner mats’.  So I was wondering WHEN do you move on to ‘intermediate’ mat (does it make you ‘go faster’ 😉 and what does an ‘advanced’ mat look like and what does it DO??? (maybe it flies like a magic carpet?).

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE FOLKS; new Yogis shouldn’t get overwhelmed in the choosing a mat! Keep it simple in your mat choosing deliberations.  As a basic, aside from thickness and grip, just check your mat is paraben/phthalate free and ethically manufactured; all other considerations are ‘extras’ and may feel heavier on the pocket.

IF you spend a lot of time on your mat and consciously choose to pay extra money for aesthetic reasons? well, I get that too.  Beware the marketing blurb and shop around. Do speak with us at reception if you have questions.

LOVE Mad Mat Matters

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