HOW NOW 2020?

WHAT.a.year.  It has been MASSIVE in terms of our Yoga community locally AND globally.  The world in its changing feels freefall and less predictable at the moment; where will we land! One thing we KNOW! Nothing is more dependable than CHANGE 🙂  You just have to look at the moon nightly to know this is true! BUT in that change we also KNOW also ‘there is nothing new under the Sun’!

We reflect to examine and extract the Yogic truths from the events of the past 12 months.  For example did we find the right balance between Satya (truth) and Ahimsa (not causing harm)? Satya and Ahimsa are considered in the Narada Sutras (78) as the two most important virtues and if we don’t have the balance with them this disturbs the harmony of the heart and mars the inner life; one cannot take back a moment of harsh speech (regardless of the trigger; harsh is harsh) {The Power of Words}, it cannot simply be undone by regret and we cannot simply ‘always avoid’ (as recommended by Sutra 43) the company of those who may press our buttons.  One would think it was easier for us having created a sacred space but our purple doors are not a ‘filter’ that stops those that may not yet be striving for grace walking through them or trolling on our fb page. ALL who want to connect with us ARE WELCOME but we must give personal attendance on all others who walk through our doors regardless of attitude and hope maybe we can get it right with them.  We all know the truth that these are our greatest teachers and we are grateful {although sometimes not in the moment but long after the event} for their teachings {sometimes ya have to go with the flow of the space/time teaching/learning schedule 🙂 }. Perhaps it is a bit easier for us because we are the happy position of KNOWING what is our ‘right’ but that in some ways makes it worse when we get it wrong (this can happen occasionally when we feel overwhelmed).  Please remember as much as we are aspiring Yogis we don’t get to live in an ashram where all is conducive to increasing the Sattva Guna.  There have been occasions when it was hard to practice Yamas and Niyamas as they are intended to be practiced (e.g. keep it zipped if it causes harm or bear the insult and injury when lil’ ol egoism keeps trying to rear its head to respond).   We are only human and it is so easy to get enmeshed in our own drama; but you have to keep reminding yourself how BORING that is… keep ‘having a word’ with yourself 😉 {If you are new to this practice it really will help you get on a good footing of HOW to practice {and eliminate some of the pitfalls} if you read my 3 x Yoga Ethics Blogs Raja Yoga, Yamas, Niyamas}

TRULY ~ WE ARE SO GLAD & GRATEFUL to have the best teachers in the world, teaching us valuable lessons to help us personally expand day in day out {That’s YOU folks}.   YOU let us share our world with you and permit us to witness your effort, class after class. You helped YM become what it is.

LIFE IS SO SHORT ~ WE ONLY HAVE A SHORT TIME TO GET IT RIGHT.  Over our years of teaching we have learned that, MORE IMPORTANT than the shape or depth or alignment of a person’s posture is the idea that they are ‘exploring’ through the posture. It is so personal and unique this exploration.


One of my favourite quotes is “HOW you do anything is HOW you do everything”.  To me this doesn’t mean one has to be perfect (none of us are expert when we do something for the first time); it DOES mean I keep that quote close to me and I AM working on it! ~Work in Progress~ 😉

When you are new on your Yoga journey it just matters that you COMMIT (it’s a head thing).  Make space in your calendar and your mind for this new way of living. {Remember! You don’t have to see the whole staircase! You just HAVE to take the first step} It is an INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF.  IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER what, where, when, why, or how! You have to make a start somewhere.  Our YM Original Hot Yoga discipline is not necessarily the easy beginning option (but it is for the willing, it is accessible and it is worth it).  Once you have committed, then it becomes important what you do. Really important. Say ‘turning up’ is the ‘what’! Turning up IS the practice. Turning up can be hard. Turning up again and again. Until you are ready to move to next stage. In 2020 whilst some of us will continue to work on the ‘commitment’ and the ‘what’ and the ‘turning up’, let us see if some of us can ADD IN or MOVE A STEP ALONG and REFINE and FOCUS on the HOW! I say ‘us’ because we are doing this with you! You/We Acknowledge NOW that you/we are ready for the HOW: Acknowledge that ‘It IS important HOW you Yogasana on your mat because it can profoundly affect HOW you Yoga through your world outside our school.

Yes. MOVE YOUR BODY ~ in every possible direction.  PRACTICE familiar, functional movements PROPERLY to develop strong foundations but PRACTICE the not so familiar actions to ensure you attend to ALL muscles and joints to keep your WHOLE body vibrant and intelligent.  Whilst we are doing that lets up the ante: Let us consider HOW we are approaching it mentally, HOW we are approaching it physically and HOW ‘the way we HOW’ can affect those around us: Let us embrace the Yamas and Niyamas.

What is the essence of this ‘HOW’ that is so important? Perhaps it is LOVE?  So maybe do it all with LOVE.  THE WORLD NEEDS MORE LOVE.  In 2020 more LOVE please! We know we will be tested but this is our plan: ~Drive from a place of LOVE ~Work from a place of LOVE ~Practice from a place of LOVE  ~Teach from a place of LOVE ~BE in a place of LOVE.

How we do so hope to see you ~How~ing 😉 on your YM mat soon!

Om Om Om ~ 2020 Bring Love ON!

Love YM Darren & YM Trisha

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