The Power of Words


All speech creates energy that radiates out to the world helping to create the atmosphere we live in. I do believe that our body and mind holds the residue of every kind or cruel word we’ve ever spoken OR had directed at us. When you feel a ‘vibe’ on walking in to a room you might be picking up on the energetic residue of the words that have been spoken there. So the choices we make about what to say and not say are not just of casual importance. I am personally working on my speech patterns (as well as right thinking).

This is HARD WORK and I frequently fail; but I am grateful to be at least trying to address it and the Yoga class that I teach is a perfect training ground. It requires a lot of words to be spoken during the 90 minutes and I try to choose the right ones to raise the vibration for flagging new practitioners. After class it can take me a while to come down (at least half an hour sometimes) to normal pace and I often fill reception with chatter before and after class whilst I am in that mode seemingly unable to stop myself 🙂 .

The Yogic way for healing any speech issues would be mantra repetition but it would not serve YM practitioners for me to sit in reception before and after meditating or chanting; my job is to carefully choose the right and best words and use them in the moment to serve others well and raise the vibration. I find the attached western guidance very helpful. I am a big fan of HAIL;