YM Fully 10 ! Poem

Yes Our Yoga School turn 10 this year, So we wrote a POEM {its how we CHEER!}

Seems like yesterday we were only 9  🙂 , How we despair at the flying of time!

We ‘hitched our wagon’ to the BIKRAM STAR, NOW YM’s FULLY 10 ~ YES WE ARE!

July 19th ~ was ONE DECADE DONE, We can say ‘Truly ~ it has been FUN!’


YM GIVES ‘Team Thomas’ the BEST adventure, For 3650 days ~ soooo much to remember

e.g. ‘party wall’ caused great strain for the brain, & corona/few spaces texts nearly drove us insane!

BUT when it comes down to really IMPORTANT stuff, YM FRIENDS saw us through when the going got tough

YOU ‘TURNED UP worked hard no matter the weather, You’ve truly shown us ‘WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER’


Yes we had our ups we‘ve had our downs, We’ve gained many friends lost many pounds (£)

Sometimes didn’t know if we’re coming or going, But persevered and NEVER STOPPED GROWING

Along with all the awkward bits we also got the BEST: Yogi FRIENDS, JOY of practice, EACH CLASS A FEST!

Our WISH for our Community as we CELEBRATE ‘TEN’, PLAY out your Dreams fully, Stay Kind, Keep your Zen


Be HAPPY NOW, LAUGH long and loud, be silly (now and then), To YOU WE ARE SO GRATEFUL for ‘YOU’ ARE OUR YM

AND ‘PRACTICE BIKRAM’ often to receive your YOGA BLISS!, But for Now from US to YOU we are blowing a BIG KISS……



‘Add YM Birthday FREE Pass’ soon; valid for JULY!

{as an official class pass of course usual terms APPLY}

To see you using it ~YM Yogis~ it will make us CHEER!

We’ll KNOW you are sharing in our happiness to STILL BE HERE



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