What does Kahlil Say?

Book Posing ~ Bookasana ~ Had a few conversations with people this week about favourite books! Too hard to pick fave; makes my head spin as only a book lovers can. Times past I stalled answering that question; always had ‘top 10’ covering multiple genres, age groups, moods, zeitgeists etc competing in my head for ‘the title’.  I think I don’t really know what my favourite book is but if I had to pick what is the most BEAUTIFUL book I have ever read? (not talking book as an ‘item’ just book ‘content’) THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BOOK? The one I have to have a copy close at all times? to reference 12 times a year? my first port of call in a dilemma (‘WHAT DOES KAHLIL SAY’)? the one I cannot walk by a second hand bargain copy without buying so I can gift it on? A book that uplifts the mind, soul, spirit?

~ THE PROPHET ~ by Kahlil Gibran.  IT SPEAKS TO ME of the human condition that mostly we feel we are navigating rather than flowing with; he shines light on what weighs us down and turns us into prisoners. A book of truths. On first reading 25 years ago, the words ‘illustrated’ another way of being in body mind that I previously didn’t know existed.  The person I was at that time was so annoyed that I had not had possession of this work before, I felt deprived (obviously now just grateful!).  For me he is rare being who generated wonder, who had rare insight into us mortals and our anxieties and HE GAVE US liberating, truthful words to ease the journey if we so choose. The best self help book if ever there was one! Every chapter a treasure, every sentence a jewel. Full of ‘values’ and value.

IF WE COULD ALL LIVE IN THE LIGHT OF HIS WORDS what a beautiful world we would be living in. He wrote his book in 1923 here we are in 2022…  99 years later and on the whole we are as confused as ever. But at least I found his book.

Maybe if it had found me when I was younger.

Maybe if it was taught in schools… I wonder…

Love Trisha

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February 2022

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