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I took up Bikram Yoga in 1998 and am qualified to instruct via the Bikram (2001) (for those who LOVE hours: 10billion hrs 🙂 just kidding: 600+hrs) and Sivananda (2005) (500hrs) Schools of Yoga. I have further trained with a specialist in children’s Yoga, Christian Kerr, who is the founder of ‘Calm for Kids’ in the UK (50hrs). I am a qualified Yoga therapist having attended and completed the necessary training at Asana Andiappan College of Yoga & Research Centre in Chennai, India (300hrs). I completed the Inferno Hot Pilates training with Gabriella Walters. I attend workshops and lectures on anything that might remotely relate to or transfer into what I do and I continue to broaden my knowledge base (e.g. Fascia workshops with Jon Burras and Tom Myers and I am a qualified masseus). Over the years I have attended many intensives, adding many more ‘hours’ and have trained under, amongst others, Judith Lasater, Christian Scaraglino, Craig Villani, Mary Jarvis, Marc Beuvain.  I have trained in the company of many who have moved on to become world renowned in their specialised Yoga field in their own right. I am interested in functional movement and how an individuals’ Bikram Yoga practice can support it in their body and so I study this privately. The more I study it the more delighted I am to have happened upon the Bikram Method all those years ago! Aside from formal training I have also privately practiced (e.g. one year back in ’99 I fixated on a daily dose of Erich Schiffman/Ali McGraw video/home practice on top of my Bikram practice! Now there was a love story 😉 I wore that video out! Ok I still have it but who plays videos nowadays) and studied other schools of Yoga and Meditation. This all adds up to give a diverse range of styles and influences to draw on. I have being building my knowledge and skills in this area since 1998 and continue to study in order that I can respond better to the needs of those in front of me.

I love to blog and share my Yoga aspirations, inspirations and insights that I have gained on my journey. I want my blogs to act as guideposts for the new to Yoga aspirant that what they are feeling in the world we all operate in is not ‘wrong’ so they can shed some of the guilt of not being an actual Yoga saint (if an apparent conflict arises with their newfound practice and the world they have to operate in) that not being ‘perfect’ is not a fail but an opportunity to learn. We are all just doing our best in the short time we have got on planet Earth.

MY DREAM FOR ME? that I: may continue to propagate Bikram Method and its benefits for as long as I am alive; will continue to evolve my experience and knowledge on how to use Yoga to help those that want to free themselves from mental and physical suffering; will continue to ensure the safest means of practicing pranayama and asana; will continue to strive to better serve my students.

MY DREAM FOR THOSE WHO PRACTICE WITH ME AND ALLOW ME TO BE PART OF THEIR YOGA JOURNEY? Is that if they decide somewhere along the line that our ‘Yoga Matters’ was just a stepping stone to finding a different path and they decide to move differently or change their path then maybe they will look back on our offerings with kindness and fondness for the stepping stone that it was for them.

MY DREAM FOR THOSE THAT STAY WITH US IN THE LONGER TERM? that they ‘OWN’ their practice, a sustainable practice in a functional body, that they LOVE themselves and GROW beyond their wildest dreams and learn to move with ease and Grace.  I hope I am not hoping for too much; but that would be something!

“To Understand Intellectually Is Not To Understand At All.”  I will continue to be a student and I will continue to practice.

Welcome to Yoga Matters.
Namaste ~ Trisha

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