The Doors of Perception

Just done some Yoga and feeling a bit trippy! ~ I remember reading The Doors of Perception {Huxley} thinking gad he goes on a bit about ‘that chair’! but I digress ! At YM we try to  make as few assumptions about your experience as possible.  YOU, after all, are unique body, mind, experience, history.   If I don’t watch you carefully every single class to learn from you about you by your actions in the moment and if I don’t listen to your feedback about any discomfort an action might create for you then I am left with assumptions and vagueness and generic genericness.  Whilst we cannot reduce all the variables per person very single class (it is a group experience) that does not mean we are not watching, seeing, learning.

For some bodies the answer to their postural ‘problem’ sometimes lies in the less obvious place than many people think. For example, say in Rabbit 🙂 if the problem results in you putting excess weight on your head, is there a problem before the weight on the head, is the weight on the head the problem. For some the answer is not simply to take the weight of the head. You have to go back and recreate the mechanisms to create posture to ensure you distribute the weight differently and what has that got to do with head?

Having said that, for you the answer may indeed be the most obvious: take the weight off the head…

Trisha x 🙂


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