On a ‘day to day’ basis for Darren & I Yoga ‘Union’ also means ~connecting with the people and society who want to connect with us as well as making a consistent, honest, daily effort with Yogic lifestyle practices which can include many failures  imperfect humans that we are.  It is, after all, a practice not a perfect!  Perhaps if we ‘taught’ less classes and didn’t have to run the business side of what we do (oh how we wish we could purely be ‘turn up’ Yogi instructors) we may have more time for the pageantry of appearing to be the embodiment of Yogic perfection that is so often projected on to those who choose to be Yoga teachers.  What you get at YM Yoga School is ‘stripped back’ ‘us’ that prioritises serving up Yogasana instruction DAILY so you can practice when it suits your needs.  We remain ~EVER GRATEFUL~ to those smiley happy Yogi faces who seem to like how we ‘present’


Darren & Trisha

May 2021

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