Studio Update Feb19

Dear YM Yogis ~ We thought we would share a few photos (as WE ALL KNOW from our practice there is nothing like a good visual 🙂 !) It is clear in the last few weeks from the many questions like “you must be re-opening soon?” and ‘are you nearly there yet?’ type conversations that some really don’t realize just how badly our studio was damaged.  When we explain some struggle to visualise the ‘wall’ that did the falling and damage it caused, as the wall was not ‘in’ our studio but a wall that ran for 2 storeys above it.  Well meaning comments about coming back ‘bigger’ and ‘better’ have to be corrected constantly because let us face it folks; the studio is surrounded by concrete walls that as you know, when you spread your wings in Locust at the edge of the room, those walls cannot be moved!  And as for better? Well. we are of the belief that what we had was BEAUTIFUL; we wouldn’t have interfered with it for the world (the original features/woodwork and the years of maintenance and ‘personalising’ gone into it; we are into more ‘organic evolution’ of living space and not into total ‘overhauls/modernizing/brand new’ for the sake of it, where something special can get lost in the process.  WE WILL BE DOING EVERYTHING WE CAN TO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE COMING ‘HOME’ so no great shocks for you on that front when we re-open.  Many people are naturally looking at this simplistically: It’s a square box; it can’t be that difficult (boy! we know what you mean folks 🙂 ). HOWEVER. This is Jersey and sometimes the wheels of progress turn slowly; the bringing down/making safe of ‘the wall’ alone has been a huge ‘stumbling block’ to get past; ALL new territory for us and so many stakeholders/interested and clearly not interested parties to deal with ~ so much that it is 24th February (2.5 months after event) and we are only just heading to the end of the dealing with the ‘wall’ stage. This has been emotional and ‘haltingly’ slow for us to date but ‘the end of the wall is in sight’.  We did our best to preserve (removed/covered doors) went down a few times with a vacuum to suck out rain water that was on the floor, but were helpless as the elements finally got to our lovely woodwork and warped it beyond repair…  Now, we are at the stage and hopeful of receiving quotes from builders and delivering them to insurer very soon for approval and then we will see where we are at. We have some really fabulous professionals onboard driving us towards our studio rebuild stage and it is just such a good feeling to have total confidence in their abilities.  It is important that you, our most important stakeholder, is kept in the know and please be assured NO-ONE is keener than us to get you back to where we were all at and we will continue to ease this forward for us and you. Again, we cannot thank YOU all enough; WE KNOW so many of you making huge effort to go out of your way to come to support us now at least on a weekly basis and others coming more because it is not so out of the way for them but still with happy smiley faces even ‘tho we do not have the YM frills. We know Mon+Wed parking term time is tricky and ye have been very tolerant waiting/driving around a few times to get your spaces. You are helping a small local family business survive. WE KNOW all this folks and please know we are grateful and will be for long after we are back polishing your mirrors on Rue De Funchal 🙂 . In the meantime, THANK YOU for bearing with us in this ongoing difficult period for YM.

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