Speaking of ‘Adages’ and ‘Edges’…

IF YOU CAN YOU MUST”  ~V.~  “JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DO SOMETHING DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD” ~ Sometimes I feel like… I am speaking in adages in class and taken at face value they can appear to conflict! BUT they all hold their TRUTH for the particular moment and individual on the day; they pretty much get the message across; WHY use 20 words when you can use an adage 😉… Please note: THE ‘EDGE’ might be ‘where its all happenin’ in this life, where you grow/expand.  In Bikram Yoga you just nudge at the edge, you push it back, but you don’t ‘go over’; if you go over that edge in class sometimes there’s no coming back, that is not the practice! so don’t go crazy on me now 😆

As you develop your body mind connection, fine tune your internal navigation system you will start to become a more ‘feeling’ Yogi.  You will find that happy place where you can work on your balance between strength, flexibility, mobility, stability and push back at your boundaries, edge, limitations until you find your true, your ultimate limit. Then you will honour that limit but still work strong. Oh its Wonderful Bikram Yoga Life…

Love Trisha


June 2020

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