Social Distancing

‘Social Distancing’. Was there ever a more repulsive and alienating phrase? I had thought I read something last year that ‘authorities’ had discussed and decided to use ‘physical’ distancing instead (not a lot better but an improvement) but ‘social distancing’ just keeps slipping off the tongue; I think its too late to put this cat back in the bag. If you really dwell on the two words and phrases too long it gets even worse; they evoke ideas of caste, class, rank, hierarchy… you could really drill down… (don’t dwell).

Yogically speaking one of humanities biggest delusions is that of ‘SEPARATENESS’, specialness, self importance, distance from other.  We isolate our own happiness from the happiness of others (remember, in truth there is no other).  It is truly sad when it is decided that the other isn’t as important as us and we decide to work ‘separately’ for ‘ourselves’ ‘alone’ to dig ourselves out of the hole and not for the betterment of all.  This one concept alone creates the REALITY of DISTANCE and before covid ever happened was limiting our consciousness development, digging us ‘in’ to a hole, locking us ‘in’ to an awfully limited kind of jail.   We may very well look back on covid era and realize the tragedy of it was not the virus itself but that for a variety of reasons not all passed the ‘covid era test’ and instead of self realisation they became more isolated, separate and distanced from ‘other’.  Although we must keep the ‘physical’ distance right now; we CAN join our ‘social Selves’ and our minds and unite on the online communities/forums and in the ‘likes’, ‘shares’ ‘comments’ sections strive for solutions and good outcomes.  In these forums we can remove the ‘division’ of others happiness from our own happiness.

Om Om Om Live Your Yoga



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