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We are born to live in balance. Harmony is our natural state yet daily we strive to recreate a harmony that is already present at the very core of our being and we struggle to get back to our true selves physically and mentally. Sometimes life is just hard! Accidents, traumas, work, stress, commitments, distractions so much gets in the way and in time that can feel like it is escalating out of our control and dis-ease can occur. ‘Dis-ease’ represents the opposite of all that is natural within us physically and mentally.  It is an ‘extra’. Sometimes when we recognise there is a need to do something we don’t quite know where to start or we bite off more than we can chew and then become disillusioned very quickly when we feel the struggle of trying to maintain in that way and then we just give up. EVERYbody is suitable to have a Yoga practice to help them improve their quality of life.

Early 2018 Darren completed a Yoga therapy/teacher training at The Ghosh Yoga College in Kolkata. This college was established in 1923 and has been teaching and prescribing therapeutic Yoga and physical education ever since.  With Darren and my training (Andiappan) in the field of Yoga therapy we have decided to design a course just for the person who is feeling it is time they gave themselves a little Yoga tenderness and kindness by including Yogasana in their wellbeing regime.


No previous Yoga experience is required to participate in this 6 week course. Each class will have a purely therapeutics focus and is set at a level for ease of movement of the body.  We designed it for a group ‘type’ and so if you are wondering if this one is for you, consider that this particular treatment class is geared towards those who:

1~      have had an experience that has reduced their body’s ability to move and they want to get it moving again

2~      have used their body in a particular way for decades that has shaped their body into limiting patterns of movement (pastimes, work or life!) and they are not confident about how to start challenging their limitations

3~      are a little older and do not have body movement awareness (a previously sedentary lifestyle)

If you are that person and are ready to start committing acts of Yoga kindness to yourSelf then:

OF COURSE THERE WILL BE HEAT! But please be clear: this will not be heated to the level of a Bikram Yoga class nor will it be as intense, vigorous or as mentally and physically demanding.

All things being relative this new class/course will still be challenging for some.  HOWEVER it will primarily be a relaxed and enjoyable 1 hour ‘ease into movement’ (please note the first class may be a bit longer due to inductions, so please arrive early).

We will provide the right environment and conditions to enable you to learn to:

~ explore safely the areas of your body that need to be targeted for more Yoga therapy

~ explore the challenges within your body and/or your mind

~ guide your own experience and set goals if that is your desire

The postures will mainly be floor based and the hour will include breathing exercises, movement, static postures, cleansing techniques and relaxation. Variations to postures may be tailored to the individual presenting and some postures may be replaced or added from week to week (i.e. not a set routine).

Oh My Ghosh! Yoga Therapy! Classes will take place on Saturday mornings 9.15am to 10.15am

This post represents all you need to know at the outset in order for you to make a decision about whether you want to ‘join’ this course. Please follow your instincts. There is no further information we can supply you with at this juncture. Having read this (and knowing the times and dates of the course in advance from the Facebook page post) and it being your full intention to be part of this next course then your next step is to please contact us via email to request a course joining form greenyogigirl@hotmail.co.uk (not fb and not website form). For anyone interested numbers are limited so first come first served. Requests for forms are treated as ‘first come’ so please, if you have not checked your schedule and/or do not intend to commit please don’t ask for form ~ we will of course take your request for a form as your sincere intention to join. We will then email you the registration questionnaire for completion and return.

The 6 week course is payable in advance. Please return the completed form along with the full payment at least 48 hours before the start date so that we can get a clear idea of any particular objectives you may have and/or how we may modify the practices for your individual needs.  Once booked a full refund will be given up to 48 hours prior to the start date of the course.  Without due notice (48 hours before course commences) or if you drop out or miss a class no refunds can be given. Please note; this is a ‘course’ not a drop in class and therefore those wishing to participate must pay for the entire course even whilst planning in advance to miss a session.  This is standard practice for running ‘courses’ and how we make the course sustainable.  When you book a course you are booking a limited space for you personally i.e. for the entirety of the course that space will not be available for anyone else.

All classes will be held at Yoga Matters School, 3a Rue de Funchal, St Helier.  Participants should arrive 20 minutes early (8.55am) to their first class for induction/registration.  Please wear comfortable clothing.

In Pursuit of Stillness

Darren & Trisha @ OMG!

April 2018

{YogaAsana is just one part of all that is hitam (beneficial) for a body in need; other lifestyle changes may also need to be made too. This class might just be the thing that gets one interested in the exploring the other changes that they might need to make.}


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  1. Hi Trish
    Please count me in on this course starting 9 Nov. I am in France at the moment and will sign up properly when I get back after 16 October.
    Many thanks

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