OMG 30 Degrees ~ INTRODUCTION by Trisha

You already have reaffirmed in your mind that you can have a physicality and you can choose to get in your body and MOVE IT TO WHATEVER ITS LIMIT IS. You have turned up through personal choice and effort and realisation that there is no 3 minute miracle short cut, there is no such thing as a free lunch!  You may have personal hopes and goals that you have not told us about and you do not need to; ultimately, we will try to facilitate/help you create some good new habits and discover in yourself a new found power and determination about ways YOU CAN CHOOSE to be in the world physically day to day.  We hope you acquire the knowledge that the Yoga world is not an exclusive club which only admits Ms Bendy Flexy from Greener Grass Valley and that YOGA IS MORE ABOUT ACCEPTANCE AND PATIENCE AND HOW YOU ARE ON YOUR MAT IN THE QUIET MOMENTS rather than touching your toes or how far back you can bend.  YOU HAVE TURNED UP so some of this might seem like preaching to the converted, BUT it is never harmful to be reminded WHY you are making your effort and WHAT you have turned up for:

You have turned up for ~ PROPER EXERCISE By the end your mind may be judging some of the postures and exercises as being ‘simple’ in and of themselves but you should acknowledge those thoughts and then ask yourself ‘do I ever actually do these exercises outside of this environment, simple and all as they are?’.  Yoga is not all about big, profound, ‘glory of the pose’ asanas. There might even be some passive stretching/postures within our OMG programme.  Our primary focus is to help you gain the benefits physical and mental from just moving something mindfully that does not normally get attention. You should REVEL IN THE GLORY OF THE SIMPLER MOVES and refine them because there are more benefits to be had in them than some suppose and they HONOUR ALL BODIES BUT ESPECIALLY THE BODY THAT HAS ISSUES.

You have turned up for ~ PROPER BREATHING But still, some of this isn’t rocket science? Right? For instance you are already breathing right?  You’re breathing your alive, you’re not breathing your dead?  The Breathing exercises will help you bring awareness to your breath quality and depth.  As well as calming your parasympathetic nervous system, slowing heart rate, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and emotions like frustration, fear and anger.  Effectively you will learn the POWER of your breath and how to gain control over it so you can manage some stressful times/situations better with it IF you so choose AND it will help manage transitions into and out of the postures in a more efficient way (maybe THIS is the secret of the great Yogis?).  Using mindful breathing techniques regularly you will also strengthen your primary and secondary muscles of respiration and improve lung capacity and put your thoracic cavity into a better relationship with your abdominal cavity because as you will find out the lungs are part of a whole and really no system in the body works in isolation of the others. The shape changing activities of each of these cavities have a profound effect on each other. Any nasal problems, asthma, insomnia, anxiety issues will start to get the right kind of attention, the kind that diminishes/helps manage these issues, not nurtures them.

You have turned up for ~ TOXIN REMOVAL Our bodies work 24/7 via its organs of elimination removing toxins.  We want/work to keep them in good working order to continue to do this work unaided by drugs/surgery.

In Yoga, Stretching/Extending/Twisting/Compressing actions all help maintain body systems but can also help stimulate to heal troubled areas. We don’t make claims about ‘cures’ or ‘enhancing’ the body.  FUNDAMENTALLY, YOUR TRUE BLUEPRINT IS SUPER AMAZING but the way we live in our world can put things out of whack, de-harmonise us and although body continues to work it may not be working efficiently; Many have no idea just how good their body is designed to feel.  WE JUST WANT TO HELP YOU GET BACK TO YOUR TRUE SELF.

E.g. the thyroid and parathyroid area at the front of your throat we don’t claim Yoga enhances these already amazing little systems; we would say giving them Yoga attention helps ‘stop them from getting sluggish’. YOU REALLY DON’T WANT any of your body’s organs/systems getting sluggish; that’s when the trouble starts.  If things are already sluggish then through repetition of this programme you can help get them working more efficiently again; your Yoga practice will help get you back to NEUTRAL, back to true form.  YOGA KNOWS WHAT THE BODY NEEDS AND THE BODY KNOWS WHAT IT NEEDS and the moves will help the body direct its lovely oxygenated blood flooding in to where it is needed most!

You have turned up for ~ CONSCIOUS ALIGNING AND POSTURING helps remove stress from your skeletal, reducing wear and tear on it and reduce fatiguing your overworked body systems. E.g. a ‘little forward head’ skeletally puts a tremendous strain on the trapezius muscles wherein builds shoulder/neck tension (at an epidemic level for those who work in offices and maintain a poor sitting posture).   Mindfully practicing asanas is one of the best things you can do to maintain your mobile, stable and properly functioning spine and it helps to diffuse more nutrients and moisture into the disks.  A healthy spine must be systematically and regularly moved through is full range of motion ~ one of the things you are doing in class.

You have turned up for ~ PROPER RELAXATION when the realisation hits that watching the box with a glass of wine is very nice but it is not actually true relaxing, your Yoga class suddenly becomes even more valuable as it encompasses possibly the only proper relax (albeit short) that many will allow themselves in their schedule – we are westerners, we are great do-ers! But we may have been hoodwinked by marketing into believing and ‘do’ing the wrong stuff for relaxation.  In your course whilst you will hopefully add on some new good habits the whole process will be more of a shedding, a ‘letting go’ rather than an ‘adding on’.  A shedding to REVEAL YOUR TRUE SELF; at your core YOU ARE COMPLETE AND HEALTHY.  From now on, you should reinforce this knowledge by offering this understanding to yourself at intervals throughout each day. 


Namaste, Trisha


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