A YM Challenge is an OPPORTUNITY to refine your own musculoskeletal analysis skills and, perhaps, expedite bridging the gap between your body and your mind. Like that beautiful, perfect space between an exhale and the next inhale, a Challenge space is ripe with UNLIMITED possibilities for new and different CHOICES. A Challenge is a ‘space’ away from the norm. It is an ‘in between’ space if you like and because you have choices to make EVERY.SPLIT.SECOND.!, it CAN be a little unsettling. Do I go on as before? Do I try a different approach? Is it time for a paradigm shift? Will I still be me if I LET GO of my usual way of practicing? Fear of letting go of what we have put so much energy into creating, even if there is a better more efficient way, can hold us back from becoming that better version of who we really are. Albeit more intense than your usual Yoga routine, if you spot the ‘issue’ in your practice you have time in a Challenge to back off, tune in and make the necessary fundamental changes and then ‘stress’ test the change very soon again whilst it is still fresh…

Challenge Nov17

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