Love is Like Breathing! You can’t ‘Live’ without it

Although hopeful, I know I am unlikely to persuade the pre-wedding party into the hot room on the wedding day for the ultimate de-stress.  So, in the moment just before the aisle walk or wedding speech, if nerves overcome, then a quick Yoga fix may be in order!  Asana would not be practical in the bridal gown and the groom won’t want to put ‘knees’ in his trousers I am sure! So we are left with mind, neutral posture and breath.  Keep tabs on what your breath is doing and know that you can take charge of it to change your mental state.  Slow deep breathing activates the para-sympathetic nervous system.

Stand or sit comfortably, do draw yourself up (keep the area between the lower rib and pelvis open) but draw your breath down. Make sure your exhales are complete. Remember 😉 You cannot have a good inhale without a decent exhale!  Connect your mind and body in this moment; ensure your mind follows the breath in and out of the body. This will keep your thoughts off the nerves. Breathing is not just for your lungs, it is for your whole body, so visualise it travelling down and pervading.

Here it is. One of my FAVOURITE quick and very portable Yogic techniques to take ‘heightened’ states down a notch is ALTERNATE NOSTRIL BREATHING (Anuloma Viloma).  Yogis say left nostril breathing for calming and right nostril for energizing.  One is often dominant and so Anuloma Viloma will bring the balance of calm and energy that you need in the big moments of the day.

  • Use your right hand
  • Fold your middle and index finger
  • Gently press right thumb over RIGHT nostril
  • INHALE deeply and fully through the open LEFT nostril
  • At maximum inhalation pause briefly
  • Then gently CLOSE LEFT nostril using both little and ring finger on RIGHT HAND whilst OPENING RIGHT nostril
  • EXHALE through RIGHT nostril
  • At end of full exhalation begin INHALE AGAIN THROUGH SAME RIGHT nostril
  • At maximum inhalation pause briefly
  • REPEAT pattern
  • Slow down ~ not too fast now!
  • Do 5-10 rounds or as many and as often as you want.
  • Remember it is your day!

This will help you find your best shiny Self again just before you put your best foot forward.

Om Om Om here is to LOVE and being Loved

Trisha xx

First posted FB March 2015 and printed in Jersey Life wedding issue that year

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