Little Ego Sneaks into Yoga Class

Once upon a time… Little Ego snuck into a Yoga class with its Driver.  Driver had never tried Yogasana before. Everything about it was new and hard AND there was a WHOLE NEW LANGUAGE taking place in the Yoga school that she had never heard before.  Little Ego recognized some of the language ‘tho. E.g. when instructor said ‘well done’ to Little Ego’s Driver at backward bend time, Little Ego made note and sneakily started to hijack Driver’s experience.  Little Ego got triggered at same point every class and took over to extent that Driver just kept going further and further back to get a ‘well done feed’ for Little Ego.  Little Ego was getting bigger on the feed. This continued for 3 years when Driver decided to take their first TTC at which point she could see her heels. WOW! Big Ego had surely won? BUT Driver had constant bruised feeling in lower back. THIS WASN’T RIGHT.  Driver learned the hard way that ‘there is no such thing as a Yoga injury, there are only Ego injuries‘. Driver was ALSO learning about Yamas and Niyamas. They caused her to re-think whole approach to practicing Yogasana.  Driver had words with herSelf and realized it was time to evict Little Big Ego squatter.  She parked Excessive Ego outside of the Yoga room and told it “you are causing too much interference to my feeling out my practice, you are not coming back in until you know your size and place in my world, you take a back seat until you are needed! I’M THE DRIVER”  Driver started her backward bending practices from scratch again and ‘backed off’ the pursuit of depth this time round. Driver didn’t see her heels anymore but that didn’t matter ‘cos the bruised feeling had disappeared.

There is a point in everyone’s backward bend when one is not getting any more benefit from forcing to go back, you are just forcing to go back for the sake of it and that is not the point of backward bending! Driver had learned her TRUE LIMITS and Little Ego found out that when it tries to divert his Driver to take an Ego Trip it is a journey to nowhere! And True Driver ain’t going in that direction!

The End


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