Light On… Credits 2020

Dear YM Bikram Yogis, Ever so grateful to practitioners for welcoming YM back on 12th June. Happy to be with you all every day. ‘Pure generosity’ invested in credits whilst we were closed and such investment helped us keep ticking over paying ‘normal’ bills that cropped up during the course of the year. We know the gov’t recommended speaking to service providers to  pause those payments but we are sure you understand we really did not want to be ‘putting off’ debt which is essentially what that is.  (We DID pause the big bills, Studio Loan/Home mortgage for six months; albeit interest was still payable for the duration; they are about to restart).  We endeavoured to keep up payments on everything else so we are in more or less ‘real time’ with our other debts. One practitioner who had not been for a while contacted us out of blue and very generously bought 110 credits!! Which was a phenomenal vote of confidence in us and that kind of gesture makes us more determined than ever to ‘be here’; it was a HUGE personal emotional boost. The kindnesses from practitioners have taken different forms/gestures and we are EVER GRATEFUL will never forget.


When we re-opened on 12/6 the lockdown period was added to held credits validity. We have been operating 3 months full schedule, reduced class size. Credits bought early in the year for many would be expiring around now but we have decided to keep all credits that were valid at the ‘beginning’ of lockdown/studio closure (20/3/20) available for use until 31/12/20 at which point they will expire.   Our normal terms are ‘credits valid 6 months’ so essentially this is an extension to validity period (see website for full explanation of Ts&Cs).  We have contacted as many individuals as we could find contact details for to tell them this but there were a few we just don’t have contact info for, hence this online notice.  PLEASE PLEASE use your credits before expiration.  We WANT to see you working on your mat!  We don’t know what future holds but right now you CAN get your Yoga on!  TEXT 07797 838376 to book.



Trisha & Darren


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