Joists. mmmmm. JOYsts… :)

We mustn’t overlook the JOYsts in our lives!!  Soon we won’t see them but we won’t have to; its enough to know they will always be there! Our new Joysts complete the solid form of our Yogasana practice room and will support our structure for a long time to come. Oh Joy! Aside from that JOY and aside from our BEAUTIFUL practitioners being so KIND and patient with us we have the LOVEliest small group of people HELPing us through this, SUPPORTing us, covering our back, guiding us, being there for us in the tricky moments and those working ON the job, engaged and enthusiastic about helping us get back to where we were. We love the fact that we feel a connect with the people who are working so hard on our studio; that is so important to us because we will carry the memory of them for a long time. We feel TRUELY blessed and so GRATEFUL.

Om Om Om #todayichoosejoy #haveabrightmonday



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