Insta Yogi Vs. Yoga

With all the insta glam superimposed over Yogasana it would be easy perhaps for some to get confused about what one is seeking when they take up the practice. Some focus purely on aesthetics or others using it to attain just another kind of ‘high’ (and isn’t the Yoga high lovely; no drugs or alcohol involved; the Yoga high is not too difficult to attain with a regular bend, stretch and twist; and why shouldn’t we at the very least get that gratification for our efforts).  But the ‘insta picture’ often distorts/distracts/detracts from the real work taking place; that of becoming a self realized, stable, aware, conscious human being; it almost seems too mundane a goal in comparison to the insta glam!

Keeping It Real at YM ~ we are not living on the ‘cutting edge’ of Yoga or technology; our practice isn’t the latest Yoga ‘craze straight to instagram’ although we have had to embrace it in the last year in order not to be overlooked in all the storms/noise (I confess I did put up BIG resistance in our house to going on Insta, I resisted for 2yrs, I was really happy just using website blogs and fb to share our news and philosophy) but I had to ‘cave’ in the end; it was purely because we were getting overlooked as an ‘option’/’new’ people didn’t know we existed) .

Insta & Yoga seem a conflict; the REAL PURPOSE OF YOGA is having awareness of and calming the ego. SELF REALISATION: How do you capture that in a picture? ‘Insta Yogi’ appears to go against that but nonetheless it is not going anywhere any time soon… and here I am ‘Insta yogi not quite extraordinaire’ 🙂 LOL… We must keep our Yogaheads on and remember the REAL GLORY to be had in Yoga is in the BASICS: the researching Yoga class properly (being discerning), the engaging (sincerity), the TURNING UP, the being aware of and being polite and considerate to the Yogis around you at Yoga school. YES. Sometimes the most important thing you can do in your practice is SHOW UP! Yes these are the real Yogic practices going on at our school…

Om Om Om Welcome to your journey to yourSelf
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PS: WE NEVER wanted to flood our pages with Yoga selfies BUT Insta requires pictures and we have to use pictures of illustrate our points. We would absolutely much rather use pictures of YM practitioners over some random far flung unknown Yogi. But we ALWAYS like to get permission to take and use pics of our practitioners and there is a bit more admin involved in organising that process (the posing, the asking, the making sure peeps happy with end result first). We respect other people’s privacy we do not wish to intrude on their personal practice. We are always happy to take a pics of others when they ask too and send to them privately; often how you feel and look can be two very different things; a Yoga pic can be a celebration to show you how far you have come; It can also show where you can make small changes for improvement. For instance, I see from my own pictures what I need to work on, but what they don’t tell you is that I feel like a million dollars when I am making those moves !!!

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