HOW does Bikram Yoga relieve chronic pain?

We are Yoga Instructors. Although expensively and extensively trained we do not set ourselves out to be anything other than Yoga instructors. We are both qualified Yoga Therapists with 43 years yoga experience/history between us (practice, training, teaching) {Oct2020}.  We are not doctors.  We do not diagnose.  We do not offer miracle cure alls. No matter what ‘marketing rules’ dictate we refuse to muddy water by pretending we are all things to all men ‘yoga cure’ to get people in studio.  We will not distract people from whatever their true cure is but maybe whilst they are seeking their cure they can do something that will allow them to participate in their own healing journey and we can facilitate that.

We LOVE what we do and we know how POWERFUL it is. There are tens of thousands testimonials on the positive effect of Bikram Yoga on all sorts of conditions. Testimonials are not science but if you knew some of the people involved you know this IS their truth you have to ask yourself the question “why not try?” “what have I got to lose from trying one class?” Maybe you could lose pain? Maybe you will give yourself a mental break from the anxiety that goes along with that pain? Maybe you will find other benefits that you didn’t even know you needed? Maybe you will

Maybe you will discover how to “tend and befriend” your body via breath? Maybe you will discover muscles you didn’t know you had ? Maybe you will discover how empowering it is to participate in your own healing/wellness maintenance journey? Maybe just maybe you will discover you just LOVE the Bikram process?

We want to be part of your journey of discovery, healing, wellness maintenance. If you have not had the ‘cure’ you were seeking elsewhere yet and are in the ‘shopping around’ to see what might work/help stage, Bikram Yoga is ALWAYS worth a tryout. We facilitate BIKRAM TRYOUTS daily! WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE?

Love Trisha & Darren…/how-does-yoga-relieve… #yogamattersjersey


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