WE SEE NO SIGNS of our ‘sectors reopening constantly being under review’. Jersey gov’t are way too quiet about our sector. Say it out loud folks: the trade off our govt is choosing to make by keeping our sector closed JUST DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE today given the numbers and incidence of cv coming out of the fitness sector was so low pre lockdown and that we are all so alert to cv now and how to mitigate it. We have a duty and a right to interrogate every decision our leaders make and we have a right to challenge them.
Here is a reminder of the trade off those in charge are making for our community when it comes to our physical and mental health ~ We all KNOW
• that exercise reduces risk of INFECTIOUS disease like CORONAVIRUS!
• It reduces risk of CHRONIC disease
• Being OVERWEIGHT puts people at increased risk of severe cv
• Covid mitigation restrictions have lead to big surge in rates of DEPRESSION, OBESITY, LONELINESS, ANXIETY, SLEEP DISRUPTION and thoughts of SUICIDE
• Restrictions can lead to other poor mental health outcomes like SUBSTANCE ABUSE, ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE, GAMBLING PROBLEMS, EATING DISORDERS
The refrain when we protest at continued closure from those who really don’t seem to understand what it is we do: “go for a walk outside” (have you SEEN the weather?) “go for a run” (what about if you have bad knees) “go online… use the online substitutes” (this is NO SUBSTITUTE for community).  Many people lose the will to exercise when they don’t have the support of a community class.
Jersey Gov’t STEP UP! Time to reprioritize! by keeping indoor fitness closed you are increasing the incidence of people becoming vulnerable to this disease. HELP YOUR ISLANDERS STAY OUT OF YOUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM by allowing indoor health, fitness, wellness classes to reopen. THIS is what will enable your people to improve their immune systems, reduce rates of chronic and infectious disease and KEEP HEALTHY!
If you are an owner/self employed in our ‘sector’ (as defined by govt for their co-funding/admin purposes (!)) WE ARE NOT ALONE there is an online support group you can join: ‘Small Business Support re Covid-19 Jersey’.
Om Om Om

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