December 2020

Blessed YM Yogi Friends, This year had so much to distract, the whole planet in on the ‘confusion’; no one exempt from the negative pandemic effect either physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, existentially or financially, it has been a test for one and all. We do endeavour to take a broad view but it has helped us personally to focus ‘in’ on our little community of Yogis. We are talking to YOU who engaged so well with all the restrictions /protocols imposed on our Yoga school that in their very existence seem ‘counter’ to everything we’re trying to offer @YM. They created a ‘barrier’ to HOW we welcome you. It felt like the whole system was designed to stop people getting through the 3 sets of doors to our little studio; barrier after barrier, protocol after protocol for you to overcome BUT ~YOU~ our long term beloved yogi friends, YOU who were willing to engage with the needs of these times ~ADAPTED~ (you flexible Yogis you 😊 ) and got through ‘all those doors’ like a fresh breeze and on to your mats where THE MAGIC unfolded. Together every single class we were reminded of WHY we put that effort in. The world will always need BIKRAM YOGA. The fact that available mat space was always occupied testimony perhaps to the POWER of this practice we all LOVE. When it all felt too much we paused, thought of YOU and that GAVE US PURPOSE. We are absolutely devastated to be torn away from you again; we need you and your light and love and smiley happy faces and to be in your presence is one of our great joys in life; the privilege of being part of your journey sustains us and to be able to practice in class WITH you enhances our own personal knowledge and practice no end. Teaching and practice is all part of how we maintain our own mental health and like many we are filled with distress at having it snatched away again. We will stay in touch and we will be responding to each and all the personal texts and messages over the next few days. Thank you.
WE have had some phenomenal votes of confidence in us this year for which we are truly overwhelmed and FOREVER grateful.  PLEASE BE ASSURED AGAIN your valid credits are frozen and safe: Our Terms are ‘credits valid 6 months’. Naturally any credits that were purchased in recent times and valid at the point of the current mandatory closure 4/12/20 will again have the period of this closure ADDED to their validity AND WILL STILL BE VALID in 2021. We will open the minute we are allowed.  Please do contact us via text if you have any questions on this front.
REGARDING ‘PRE-MARCH2020-LOCK-DOWN-CREDITS’: When we re-opened 12/6/20 lockdown period of 3 months was naturally added to pre-lock down credits validity. Additionally at the end of that 3 months (12/9/20) we decided to keep those credits available for use until end of 2020, giving anyone who had not already come back more time to get their Yoga head back on (please see our previous ‘Light on Credits Blog’). Given the circumstances of this mandatory closure we hope you understand that those particular credits will not be available for use when we reopen given that at this stage we were almost at the end of their ‘extended’ validity anyway. We were open almost 6 months, ample time for people to come back and use any remaining credits in our covid-secure environment. We don’t know what future holds but right now we have to draw a line under the old. Any queries about this please email
WE KNOW that 2021 will bring WELCOME CHANGE where we can EXPAND into our true Selves again. We LOVE Bikram Yoga and we know you do too and we will continue to do what is necessary to keep our offerings alive altho’ for 2.5yrs it has felt like one long battle to do this. WE WILL CONTINUE THE ‘BATTLE’ in the New Year TO SHARE THE HEALING AND PEACE AND UNION AND RESILIENCE A BIKRAM YOGA PRACTICE CAN OFFER ~ this is our calling if you like.
WE have done the bag thing before (drawstring) BUT. Be honest now Yogifolk 😊 Can a Yogi have toooo many bags? And THIS bag? Eco, cotton, easy wash, useful, uber stylish of course! If you weren’t on the ‘bag’ list (limited edition) we hope you liked the other little presents we had to give OUR THANKS. Not everyone was in to receive their bag before we were closed but they will be kept safe for the New Year. OUR WORLD WILL ALWAYS NEED ~YOU~ DEAR BIKRAM YOGI! And you will need a ‘FABULOUS YM BAG’ to ‘Carry’ On into 2021.
Om Shanti Darren & Trisha😊

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