Albert Einstein said “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Once we get to that point where we have studied and examined the roots of our patterns externally and got acquainted/connected with what they (the old habits) feel like internally, we can FINALLY start work on creating a new way of ‘being’ physically and mentally in our body on our mat.  This is where darshana comes into play. To ‘create’ we must first ‘ENVISION’ (see it in your minds eye? Create it in your body!). We get frequent glimpses of all the choices and possibilities throughout our class and we must grasp hold of one and GIVE THAT NEW WAY OF BEING POWER. Your new way of being is not born via armchair thinking or analysys outside of practice (although these have a part to play too), it is the result of quite palpable effort empirical and intuitive in the moment on the mat. When we get that glimpse we recognize it and we KNOW it is so much more important than the old way of being so we must give it ALL our attention and REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT until it becomes more compelling than the old way and our consciousness only sees that better way ever after. Your mat should be a frequent destination for you because if you are honest with yourself, it is the only place where you give yourself time to engage properly with this stuff. There IS unlimited choice in a Bikram Yoga class… unlimited choice of healthier patterns of just ‘BEing’.

Sleep tight Challengers! See you tomorrow for more vision and creativity!

Love Trisha xx

Nov 22

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