Christmas mullings… 2017

Its 12.25, just had breakfast 🙂 still in jammies, HAVE NOT looked in the mirror 🙂 Saoirse’s just had lunch, Darren’s putting the food shop away, house is mess and I’m just mulling over a few conversations have had over last few days. THIS time of year can be so tough for many. I know. I am no stranger to spending Christmas alone. This time of year can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for some. Personally: finding Bikram Yoga was the making of me and gave me my new beginning. I actually truly, really, TRULY do-not-understand WHY more people are not referred to a Bikram Yoga class by mental health professionals as it is the most excellent tool for mental hygiene ~ everyone who comes to YM knows that I frequently say that if there was ONE benefit of this practice that I would tout ABOVE all others it is the positive mental health benefit. You regain a sense of control over a life that can feel like it is cascading ~ have a little read of my old poem/blog, yes it’s a poem but it was based on fact! My fact, which is no different to many others. It’s a process. Be in the process.

— withDarren Trisha Thomas and Trisha Spain.

22nd December 2017

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