Christmas 2021

Is it ‘flickering’ or is it ‘TWINKLING’? 😁
~TWINKLE unapologetically! THE WORLD NEEDS YOU. CELEBRATE EVERYTHING that you possibly can.~ Thinking of ways to say THANK YOU 🙏always gives us lovely moments of pause and excitement. We ENJOY choosing our gifts for practitioners each year end and hope maybe you will like them as much as us. This year when we spotted these little i.l.l.u.m.i.n.a.t.o.r.s. 😉 ~we~be~like~ “they’re so pretty!!!” We couldn’t resist; Originally we explored making our own scented candle gifts but saw these and we thought we would stay in our own lane 😉 and the colorful re-usable tins sealed the deal. LIGHT MUSINGS: ‘LIGHT’ IS SO EASY TO LOVE but only in the darkness can you see the real effect of light and a CANDLE FLAME, however small, defy’s the dark! By our own flickering little light we see all that we have and we have SO MUCH. IN FACT WE HAVE EVERYTHING. THANK YOU. Maybe we can use our Light to help others find their ‘twinkle’, their ‘everything’. Remember a single tiny candle has the power to Light a million more! We hope you can ‘reflect’ and enjoy YM’s tiny ‘Gift of Light’ this year…. Om Om Om ~ BE the Light ~
Love Trisha & Darren

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