Christmas 2019

BLESSED YOGIS  ~  THANK YOU.  THANK YOU for all your Christmas wishes. THANK YOU ALL who have kept us company this year and in doing so have kept us going.  Our longer term practitioners hold glad space in our hearts but more have joined that space this year; it is ever expanding and there is plenty of room!  It is ALWAYS personal for us and when we pause at this time of year to reflect we feel deeply humbled by your contribution to our lives and our happiness.  This year we are EXTRA GRATEFUL J to be here to receive the good wishes from the people in our world that we KNOW and LOVE because they chose to walk through the purple doors.  FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS WE RETURN THE SENTIMENTS A THOUSANDFOLD.  This holiday season our WISH FOR YOU all: MAY YOUR CONNECTION TO WHAT IS DIVINE FOR YOU BE STRONG.  May your Christmas be filled with ~ APPRECIATION ~ WONDERMENT ~ LUMINOSITY ~ HOWLS OF LAUGHTER ~ STILLNESS & LOVE ~

Om Shanti ~ Darren Trisha & Saoirse

December 2019

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