Daydream Believer

When I’m practicing Yogasana my mind is 100% ‘IN THE MOMENT’.  This state did not come easily; it took a while at outset of practice to develop this strong body-mind connection.  It is very very very rare (I mean maybe 3 times a year) for my mind to ‘leave’ Yogasana because I do not want to miss one single moment of my precious practice.  I want to experience every second of it. I LOVE IT THAT MUCH! I am not going to invest my time and energy into doing something I love so much only to miss it because mind has been undisciplined and gone off on a little trip.

HOWEVER. Outside of Yogasana I often allow it to wander off! WHERE DOES IT GO?  Yes I may look like I am ironing or dusting or gazing intently at something in the hospice shop; I am in a physical space but if I am not in the need of being mindful about what I am doing MY MIND CAN GO OFF ON A NICE LITTLE RETREAT.  This is as important as being mindful to me; I make space and ‘allow’ it to wander and potter and it is in that space that ideas creep up from my subconscious, solutions figure themselves out, or a whole new blog including the words for it manifests…

Right now… I’m off to sneak in a few more daydreams and see life as it should be. SORRY, I MEAN, I’M OFF TO DO SOME DUSTING 😉

Love. From your Daydream Believer x


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