Without a doubt this week has been up there with one of the worst type of weeks a couple could have.  Until yesterday we thought we had lost everything in relation to the studio.  This little Yoga school, as well as being our WAY of living and actual livelihood, most know (but we realize now not everybody) it is also in more recent times our investment for our future/pension if you like.  SO MUCH wrapped up in the bricks and morter that is Yoga Matters.  Some people have really stepped up for us this week and for those people we are forever grateful and we WILL pay it forward, but EVERYbody sending such support on emails, text and facebook has kept us motivated to KEEP GOING. We looked at every single kind message and took them all in, they have been essential to keeping us propped up in a very long week and we just can’t THANK EVERYBODY enough for their supportive messages. Yoga Matters will be popping up very soon ‘bare essentials’ stylie, call it ‘Yoga Continuity’ 😉 if you like, for the time being 😉 . We will be posting VERY SOON about our location and schedule. Please stay with us. THANK YOU ALL.

LOVE. Darren & Trisha

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