WE ARE SO GRATEFUL nobody was hurt. A number of different scenarios have played out in our heads about how this could have turned out believe us and all of them worse than this. Those scenarios aside (we will continue to envisage them and be so grateful), we are totally devastated right now and are struggling to take this in. Every time I look at it I take another photo because every time I see it I can’t believe it. Our beautiful studio gone. We don’t know exactly the technical language to explain how/what happened but essentially a party/boundary wall has collapsed and fallen through our roof. We are liaising with all the right people to co-ordinate and try to make things happen. Right now we have not got a prognosis but KNOW that at the end we will be back on it and we will be working away to make that happen asap and keeping you all informed will be a priority for us. We want to assure everyone who has invested in us we will be back, right now we just don’t know when. We hope that you all will be content to freeze your credits and trust us that we will take care of your investment for you until we open our doors again but if anyone needs to be in contact on this front, please feel free we will respond to everyone. Feeling very sad.

Trisha & Darren

10 December 2018

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  1. Dear Trisha & Darren,

    I just read your blog as I intended to restart my Yoga class after having been assessed by Jersey Sport Active referral ( 24 sessions in order to improve my range on my left shoulder).

    I am really chocked and sorry to read what has happened , It must be devastating, I really hope that the responsible party will deal with this responsibly and get the repairs done as soon as possible.

    Thinking of you in this very difficult time. Have kept 2 – 2019 calendars aside for you.

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