“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be” Lao Tzu

~ Therein the CHALLENGE! ~
If none of your Yoga pants have ever been to Yoga i.e. forgot to do Yoga today… for the third year in a row! 🙂 then there is no time to lose, no time like the present; don’t put it off any longer you will be so glad in 6 months time that you made the CHANGE TODAY and did not wait to “let go”.

Yes, new beginnings are hard and change can be difficult especially if it means giving something up, whether that something is a way of thinking, a belief, the way you spend your time or something more tangible like a food that is bad for you or smoking. Just come along to class! It is time NOW to embark on a new journey!

Bikram Practitioner? TRY A YM CHALLENGE !

Don’t declare your reasons for doing a challenge; the instructor doesn’t need to know. Just consider the guidance and rules which must be read in full on our website ‘Love People’ scroll down for  ‘Challenges’ and decide if the YM Challenge is for you. Sign up and pay at reception when you have made your decision. The major benefits from a Challenge come from the consistency of practice rather than how much you push yourself. If you’re new to Bikram Yoga a Challenge is an opportunity to discover amazing things about yourself and your capabilities. If you already have a regular practice then the Challenge is an opportunity to take larger strides on your journey and build up some more lovely stocks of prana.

An honest and regular practice of the Bikram sequence will bring you closer to finding your real Self which is buried deep in your heart. Undertaking and completing a Challenge will help empower and reveal the real you that is strong, determined and shining. There are no shortcuts; right now you need to be on the right journey, not at the wrong destination and yes, the journey is tough but it is never impossible. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and we will get through this new challenge one drop of sweat at a time, breath by breath. And remember!
Om Om Om The only bad class is the one you missed! 🙂
Namaste ~ Trisha