A Purple Violet Magenta Rain

We Love Our New Logo.   We’ve had it a while and we just couldn’t sit on it anymore. It’s the week leading up to St Valentine’s day and we just got so excited with all the Love in the air we wanted to share it with you now. Our old logo has served us well for 4.5 years but it was homemade by me and a little naïve style. We feel YM is maturing and we wanted something a bit more professional and grown up. So we told the talented Ruthie at UBA Studio a little bit about ourselves and she came back with a sample logo; she nailed it first time! Thank you Ruthie and UBA. It expresses everything about where we are at and our personal focus. Let me explain.

We wanted STRONG, VIBRANT, WARM. We wanted it to be OPEN, SUPPLE, FRIENDLY, WELCOMING. It simply had to be circular as a nod to the Universal concepts of WHOLENESS, THE SELF, CYCLIC MOVEMENT, GOD. And of course; there had to be LOVE.

Some things are fundamental i.e. our attitude and belief in what we are trying to help people to do and therefore YM old motto ‘In Pursuit of Stillness’ stepped up to become a strong part of our identity.

‘IN PURSUIT OF STILLNESS’ may seem an oxymoron. ‘In Pursuit of Stillness’ is a paradox that reflects a truth; that this is the prevailing way many people take up / approach Yoga at the outset of practice. They will be ‘SEEKERS’ ‘IN PURSUIT’ of many things. So we present these words as a ‘signpost’, if you like, to: ‘take a step ‘this way’ with us by your side on your journey. This is one of the ‘right trails’ that will guide you in the stillness you desire’. The stillness is there, ready for the taking.

It is embedded in an introspective colour, but what is it? We have gone for a blend at YM; a colour that stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals, a colour that contains the energy of red with the stability of blue representing a union, a balance between our physical and our spiritual energies. A colour to represent the future, a colour associated with transformation.

So there we have it! YM in a passionate colour, surrounded by a heart all wrapped up in an open circle. We hope you agree that it captures the spirit of YM.

Om Om Om Recognise YourSelf in YM

15 February 2016