Trees for Life

It has long been on our mind that we need to do something to offset any negative imprint the running of our lovely studio may have on the environment.  It is part of our ethos for living; we are acutely aware of those who live around us and the impact we may have on them in the choices we make and it upsets us if we inadvertently leave negative impact on others.  This awareness extends to the environment.  It has been a guilty ‘niggle’ for us for the longest time (yes we have ‘excuses’ for not having addressed it sooner). We have considered how the ‘studio’ might compensate for any negative impact its running may have on the environment/planet and we have concluded that you just can’t go wrong with TREES!

Who doesn’t love Trees? Beautiful to gaze at, life enhancing.  I have memories of ‘particular’ trees that I have seen in my life. Yes just a ‘Tree’, the where and when imprinted on memory forever. No emotional event surrounding them other than them being beautiful, singularly or collectively.  I am more a wood or forest type person than a beach type person (am I allowed to say that out loud in Jersey? 🙂 ).  The concepts of a Tree of Life, a Cosmic Tree, a Sacred Tree, a Tree of Knowledge have long been portrayed in religions and philosophies all around the world.  Huge symbolism in the world wrapped up in a Tree or the Tree representing the World. Each tree has many separate parts all of which are vital to the health and wholeness of the Tree.  The Tree itself being a separate ‘part’ that is vital to the health and wholeness of the World.  The world venerates Trees and YET still there is an ongoing fight around the world to prevent the wilful destruction of whole forests.

On a local level too we need people willing to step up to ensure protection of Trees on our island. Happily we have such people who care in the form of TREES FOR LIFE, a local charity .  They are VERY active and have a number of projects ongoing at the moment in conjunction with other local organisations that care (The Hedgerow Campaign, Birds on the Edge, The Forgotten Forest (recently completed Adelina Wood all planted up a new young wood growing quietly in St John.)   You can see updates of all their projects and activities on their website and get updates on their FB page.


AND SO WE PLEDGE to make our annual donation to their cause in the hope it may help make a difference, in the hope it may help their cause and help us ‘offset’.  Our annual donation may seem small in comparison to what some large organisations can contribute, but it is relative to the size of our little business.  We share their page here in the hopes too that someone may be inspired by what they do and perhaps connect in one of the many wonderful ways they offer with TREES FOR LIFE.

Om Om Om The best time to plant a Tree is 20 Years ago. The second best time is NOW! (African Proverb)


Trisha & Darren

Febuary 2017

{donation suspended for 2019 because of ‘the wall’}

March 2017 ‘Silent’ charity class for Trees for Life collected £251.89

June 2019: converted general ‘swear box’ collection for different charities solely over to a ‘Trees for Life’ charity collection box!