“There are many possibilities but the expert has few.” ~ Suzuki

QUESTION TIME: You all know my thoughts on keeping an open mind to receiving teachings from new/different teachers, yes?

But WHAT ABOUT THE WISDOM YOUR OWN BODY HAS TO OFFER? You know you are your own best teacher. But. ARE YOU OPEN TO LISTENING TO YOURSELF? If you haven’t being listening there is no time like the present…

SO. YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW YOUR BODY. You’ve been doing this stuff for simply aaaages right? But is your body today the same body you embarked on your Yoga adventure with? Is it right to approach (or launch) yourself at the postures the same way EVERY time? Because you think that works or you are afraid to make a tweak or experiment a little in case you fall out?

CHANGE is the nature of the things. If you don’t make the change sometimes external forces will make it for you and WILL YOU BE READY TO RECEIVE? You’re generally stronger and more flexible than when you started, aren’t you? With constant reorganising your body does over time to ‘let you in’ but postures always need close attention so that you can recognise and respond appropriately to your body’s current needs. That is CONSTANT attention and exploration and dealing with feedback promptly.

As you ‘mature’ on the Yoga mat and YOU discover the smaller, deeper muscles to help you refine the poses you will be able to practice with more nuance. You will also find it easier to ‘LET GO’ of the things that you can’t do on the day and still come away just having had THE BEST class. Ever!

Om Om Om begin the BEGIN…

~ Trisha