Step Right Up For the Trip of a Life Time

Have you time to take a Bikram journey to explore the unknown Self and discover untapped possibilities within?

A VITAL HEALTHY BODY is a prerequisite for the journey of life.  Health is your body’s natural state. Your body craves it. Yoga re-establishes a primal relationship between body and mind and restores the body’s balance. Efficient muscles are long, free of stored up tension and possess a good tone. The body of a dedicated Hatha Yogi is supple, agile, alert, supportive and energised; in such a body the mind can manifest its full potential.

Commencing a Bikram Yoga practice is like a wondrous journey; you might feel like you wandered into a Yoga studio and fell down a rabbit hole! What a ride it will be! 🙂

As you breathe through physical barriers the mental barriers will dissolve as well; you will enable yourself to reach and stretch in ALL directions. In your Yoga you can start to observe what a marvel your body is whereas previously you took it for granted, start to understand your body’s intelligence, get to discover your real shiny Self AND keep your mobility and improve your strength. How WONDER~FULL this trip will be!

Including a regular Bikram Yoga practice in your lifestyle is something that is life-enhancing beyond your expectations; you input the time in class and the benefits of that investment ripple into the other areas of your life in unexpected transforming ways, it adds a whole new hue to your perspective of the world. As a teacher I can say the process of witnessing transformations is NEVER dull.

No need to set a wild overly ambitious goal for your new practice to start with; and don’t worry you don’t have to sign any contracts; there is no lock in; you can simply pay as you go; and at Yoga Matters we are here EVERY DAY to meet your Bikram Yoga needs. Your initial commitment counts the most, it doesn’t have to be a grand statement, whether it is 1 class or 3 classes a week, SO LONG AS IT IS A COMMITMENT and repeated regularly.  Your effort at practice cannot be lackadaisical, Yoga is a discipline; YOU MUST TURN UP.  Whatever your commitment is so long as it is sincere it can be built on as you get to love your practice more, shed the old limiting beliefs and grow stronger and more mobile physically and mentally.

TIP: Have no expectations and do not judge ~ Not yourself. Not others. In truth there is no ‘other’.

See ye soon.
Namaste ~ Trisha