Nobody wants to get side lined by injury in their chosen sporting activity. Consider bringing your body into balance by adding Bikam Yoga to your training regime.

Training in a sport specific manner whilst you endeavour to refine your winning technique can create stress in or exacerbate imbalances in the skeletal and muscular body making you prone to injury or preventing optimal performance.

Most if not all serious athletes now know the importance of a FULL range of movement. They want to train in a manner that helps them tune in to their body on a micro level, sharpen their mental focus AND maximise performance. They want this now because they recognise that our body is the sum of all its parts and one part or system being off kilter affects the whole.

A well designed Yoga class recognises this. It is a holistic therapy. Every part of your body will be given attention. In each class you will be performing: strengthening, elongating, loosening and restoring, whilst working in best alignment for you. You give your body the opposing movements it needs to prevent the body compensating and excessively tightening in specific areas.

A regular Asana practice teaches you how to coordinate your breath and movement and integrate your body, mind and breath in ALL actions. Through a regular practice with mindfulness you will cultivate your innate body wisdom. As you develop this re-found body wisdom you hone your ability to listen and respond better to messages your body sends.

For strength building and flexibility you use your own body weight as a powerful source of resistance whilst working against gravity.

The ‘learning to relax’ element of your Yoga class teaches you to become more effective at using and conserving strength and energy. You become more efficient.

Breath awareness enables you to reduce tension which can be the athlete’s downfall. Your breathing capacity improves along with your ability to control the breath.

Repetition of the challenging sequence whilst refining your powers of focus and concentration helps you develop endurance and discipline whilst you regain autonomy over your whole body.

So now you are taking care of your mind as well as your body.  I could go on :). If you enjoy a sport, surely it is worth investigating what Bikram Yoga can do for you, whatever your arena?

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Om Om Om Just 90 Minutes to Up Your Game 🙂

written as the excitement for Island Games 2015 looms 🙂