Skiers & Snowboarders

! CALLING ALL SNOWBOARDERS AND SKIERS ! Bikram Yoga can be an excellent way to train for ‘SHREDDIN’ THE CHOWDER’ :). A regular practice will improve your body’s overall flexibility and balance whilst building leg/core strength. You will also be able to recuperate faster from slips, trips and wipeouts! :). Whether you’re a seasoned pro or doin’ the bunny slope your trip will definitely benefit from a Bikram Yoga practice. Snowboarding and skiing challenges muscles you didn’t even know you had. So does Bikram Yoga! You will use every muscle in your body and this makes it essential cross-training.
Yoga emphasises being present in the moment; this is practiced in every class and it will transfer to your ‘be in the moment’ experience on your board or skis, whatever the condition on the slopes. The practice of Pranayama AND normal breathing in class in a challenging environment will help you breathe with ease and awareness in high altitudes and cold conditions whether you are on your board, skis or snow lift! Start your pre-slope conditioning now! Classes every evening Mon to Fri 6p.m. Sat 4p.m. and Sun, Tue, Thur at 9.30a.m.
Om Om Om Stoked 🙂